528443_3906759799311_1264174176_nWhen I have puppies around the house, it seems I never tire of observing their never ending antics. Each day it seems like many new things pop up and as many times as I have seen it, I still laugh as if it was the first time. Although a lot of their actions are just plain normal fun, I try to capture some of these moments and turn them into ‘teaching moments’. My world evolves into days of inadvertently seeing things through puppies eyes. Just what are they thinking? We are a team, a family and a lot of fun.

And, puppies are Heart Healthy! Although they are unarguably, a lot of work, they have a way of making their people just forget things,overlook the mess and flop down on the floor to relish the moments. The puppies certainly know how to squeeze the best out of every moment they are not eating and sleeping. What’s important anyway?  Their zest and enthusiasm for life, their love of exploring and the awe they seem to have at the smallest of things they happen to bump into, is contagious. And, we treasure them all!.