A swimming pool in Houston is a definite plus to any home but we are finally getting around to getting rid of an outdated pool and part of the deck. We are making space for our  4 new organic box gardens. It’s a lot of work so naturally everyone pitches in to clear the way for the garden beds. We had to dig out roots and knobs from our neighbor’s Bald Cypress tree and this is where our Golden helpers dashed in to help. They have it built into their DNA to help out their people in any way they can. Charlotte, Lizzy and Cheena stayed by Violet’s side through the toughest of the roots and helped carry them off.

We will post a picture of the finished project.  The project idea (thanks to Pinterest) looks great on paper and we  just bought our  heirloom plants at the Mercer Arboretum Plant sale yesterday. Hopefully, as the project becomes a reality, the dogs will know the difference between ripping out a troublesome root and our just admiring our  cherished, future organic tomato plants from a distance!