clouseau (2)
This is our little Clouseau when he was just about 1 month old. Our Doodle babies all start out about 1 lb. at birth but they change so rapidly. We enjoy watching them grow into the wonderful ‘home changers’ they will become. Clouseau has come a long way and is now almost 1 year old. It didn’t take long for him to outgrow our little kitchen ‘puppy’ scale.
Just in case you’ve been thinking about the idea of adding a bouncy Goldendoodle fur ball to your household, we have good news. We are expecting puppies! It’s an early announcement as they won’t be ready until around the first week of December but those months go by quickly. We are excited as having little ones around our home is always such a happy and busy time. We look forward with anticipation.
Our puppies will be first generation (F1) standard Goldendoodles . The sire is an AKC Standard Poodle and the mom is an AKC Golden Retriever. Both have great temperaments.
Happy Days are here again….almost!