I finally have a beautiful shot of  Dolly, our Red Goldendoodle and Penny, our Golden Retreiver
To get this….

Dog photography can be a challenge. I’ve always wondered how people get those awesome portraits and shots of their harder to photograph or more active dogs. One of our doodles is the perfect poser and every photo she’s in is picture perfect, but the others, not so much. Of course having a great camera with a fast shutter speeds would help a lot, but most of the cutest moments are spontaneous and happen quickly. Often I only have time to grab my cell phone and hope it’s not set to video.

The magic dog thrower
Try this…
When two ball throwers are better than one
Two are better than one

It turns out getting your dogs to pose is easier than you think. My daughter is babysitting two of my dogs this week. I got these beautiful images back from her today and couldn’t figure out how she did it until she sent me the pull back shot. She just got out her dog throwers and, voila, picture perfect poses. Good job, Maya! I’ve had such a hard time getting pictures of these two. I’ll have to get myself a few of these.