Little Teddy, an F1b apricot goldendoodle puppy, went to her new home this spring. I thought Teddy would miss us when she left to go to her new home, but from the looks of it, she has already fallen in love with her new momma, Danielle. She is off to a new journey and ready to enjoy every minute of it!

Teddy, an F1b apricot goldendoodle puppy in Houston, Tx
True Love!

Ready for a Red or F1b Apricot Goldendoodle Puppy of Your Own?

If you are looking for a red or apricot goldendoodle puppy, we have a litter of these cuties coming soon who will 8 weeks old and ready to go to a home of their own in early August. These doodle pups will be apricot and red. For more information on how to get a goldendoodle puppy of your own, contact us today through our Facebook page, by email at or text at 832-971-4649.