We’ve got three beautiful female goldendoodles for sale right now who are ready to go to their new homes. (Update: only 1 is still available.) The F1b cream and parti-colored doodles girls are standard-sized goldendoodles, and so will probably be about 55-65 pounds full grown. Their coats range from curlier to shaggy wavy and fluffy. All three are on a good schedule and are mostly sleeping through the night and are making good progress on their potty training and crate training.

Puppies have had their first shots and come with a health guarantee.

To find out more or to reserve one of these female goldendoodles for sale, contact us today at 832-971-4649 or email at nadiap@gmail.com. Now, let’s meet the girls.

(Available) Ivy – Light Parti-Colored Female Goldendoodle Puppy * the Social Butterfly and great poser

Ivy is a light parti-colored girl with tan or apriocot and white markings, Ivy is smart and spunky, and loves being petted. She is a fast learner and is the most observant. She is quick to notice anything new, whether it be a new person or a fun toy. Ivy has a fun, playful, outgoing and friendly personality and gets along well with other pets, children and new people. She loves attention and is the best poser in the bunch, who knows how to rock those beautiful doodle curls.

Light parti-colored female goldendoodle for sale
Ivy is a parti-colored doodle with apricot and white markings. You’ve gotta love her natural “show dog” pose.

(Not available) Sugar – Cream Goldendoodle Female Puppy *Good Balance Between Playful and Chill

Update: Sugar has a new home and is no longer available) Sugar is the princess in the bunch. She has got a very balanced personality – outgoing, yet polite, playful, yet laid back. Sugar loves children and other dogs. This beauty is a big snuggler and very affectionate, but also is playful and fun and loves the outdoors.. Sugar takes more after her English Doodle mama in coloring and personality, very chill and easy going. She has a shaggier coat..

F1b cream female goldendoodle

(Not Available) Bella – Curly Cream Goldendoodle Female – *The best pup for people with allergies

(Update: Bella has found a home and is no longer available) Bella is the thinker in the bunch. With her curlier coat, she is the best bet if you have someone in your home with allergies. Bella takes a little more after her poodle parentage in personality. She is a little more reserved and likes to stop and think before she rushes in, but, hey, that can be good thing, right, Ivy? Bella is the smallest of the girls. She is also affectionate and playful, but is a little calmer. She loves her comfort, and warm beds and warm hugs are her favorite!

Curly cream goldendoodle female pup

Contact us today for one of these gorgeous female goldendoodles for sale via email, phone or our Facebook page.