goldendoodle puppies available August 2022
Update: We have one puppy left as of August 21st, 2022.

Mini-Goldendoodle Puppies for Sale – August, 2022

We’ve got three gorgeous little mini-goldendoodle puppies for sale – our late summer minis. They are 8 weeks old and ready to go to their new homes. These F1bb curly pups are all going to be about 30-35 pounds full grown. They’ve all had their first shots, are eating well on their own and are doing really good on their crate and potty training.. All three pups are on a good schedule, mostly sleeping through the night and more. If you’re interested in taking one of these cuties home, contact us today.

The Adoption Process

If you are interested in adopting one of these darling mini-goldendoodle puppies, you can email me at or by phone at 281-235-3272. You can also reach out through our Facebook page by clicking here.

The price for one of our mini-goldendoodle puppies is $2250.

Female mini-goldendoodle puppy in Houston
(Update: Charm has found a home and is no longer available) Charm is is the princess in the bunch. She is the first one to come when I call, although if there is a butterfly to be chased, sometimes I have to be a little patient. You know… priorities.
goldendoodle puppy for adoption
(Update: Astro is no longer available) Astro loves the outdoors — when it’s not too hot. His favorite game is King of the Mountain on the littel play slide. He is also the best out of the 3 at walking on his back two legs. We think he secretly wants to be one of those cool, circus dogs.
Male goldendoodle puppy, Houston, Tx
Will is a laid back fellow — as much as a puppy be anyway. His new favorite thing to do is bird watching, especially those bright red cardinals. He also loves long cuddles and has big plans to be the best lap dog ever. — Just saying…

Training & Personalities

A little bit more about these mini-goldendoodle puppies for sale. These little doodles are fairly easy going and laid back. They love playing and their training time, but they also love snuggles and are great huggers. They are all doing well with their potty training. and sleep in their crates at night. I am starting them on some early commands like “Place” on a dog cot. They are very smart and attentive and catch on to new things fairly quickly.

mini-goldendoodle puppies for sale in Houston, Tx
Charm, Will and Astro, F1bb Goldendoodle puppies

Contact Information:

To contact us about adopting one of these darling mini-goldendoodle pups, submit our contact form here, or call or text me at 281-235-3272.