Puppies are always such a joy and adding one to your home, in spite of all the challenges and changes, is always such a joyous event! For the two months that they are with me here, it seems I spend most of my time with them and get quite attached. They have such charming personalities and are, in one simple word, FUN! It’s hard to see them go but getting to meet their new families is a highlight  as I am assured they will be loved and wonderfully cared for.

Waiting List

We already have deposits on our Spring litter and, at the time,  I usually do have deposits on all the puppies well before they arrive. Goldendoodles are wonderful dogs and there is a good reason they are popular! In the event that something unforeseen happens and we cannot provide a puppy,  anyone that has taken the step to put down a deposit, is in line for the next available puppy from the next litter. We try our best to accomodate families but, as we are a very small breeder, we have found that it is easier just to take deposits in advance. You are still welcome to fill out the waiting list but unless you put down a  deposit to hold a puppy, there will most likely be others before you that will have priority as they have put down an early deposit . (Please always call before taking the step of putting down a deposit.)

In the past, our Waiting List has been quite long and by the time the puppies arrived and we began calling people, many families had changed their minds and many didn’t even bother to respond. We  are hoping this way will work better and not only will we know the families we are working with, but the families will know that they have a definite spot on the list and aren’t  just one of 40 others on the Waiting List.

Next litter

We are planning on 2 litters in the early part of 2014  and there is a chance of a third later in the year. We are not yet sure about the dates.  As soon as we know, we will be posting the information. You are always welcome to either email us or call for updates.