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Therapy Dog Training - Goldendoodle
Therapy Dog In Training

Little Frankie is an F1b Goldendoodle who lives in the Dallas area. He just turned a year old, but we and his mommy, Helen, are very proud of him. He just earned his Canine Good Citizen Certificate after finishing his last course at the Petsmart Training Center. Getting a CGC is the first major milestone towards becoming a therapy dog. That wasn’t easy and Frankie’s a little pooped at the moment, but the next step, Therapy Dog Training.

Good job, Helen and Frankie! Helen has big plans for this sweetheart and plans to include him in her therapy work in the near future. Keep us posted on the progress.

High Paw, little guy! Keep up the good work!

Goldendoodle with his Canine Good Citizen CGC Certification

Goldendoodles Love and Need Dog Training

Even if you don’t plan to go as far as Frankie with his therapy dog training, we definitely recommend getting your goldendoodle puppy into some form of training as soon as they are old enough. If you prefer remote classes, there are affordable online courses, like Baxter and Bella or Zach George’s one month course, or in-person classes.

If you’d like recommendations from our Rainfield alumni, give us a shout and we’ll put out the word. Whatever you do though, please do make the most of these very smart puppies. Goldendoodles are highly intelligent, intuitive dogs who love to learn and enjoy life with their families. A little training makes a world of difference! Enjoy!

Frankie’s Got Siblings Coming Soon!

We are expecting new puppies in mid-June, including some Frankie siblings. If you are looking for a late-summer goldendoodle puppy in the Houston area, get in touch today get in touch with us today either on our Facebook page, by email at or by phone at 832-971-4649.