Some of you know what it’s like to snag the “last pup,” but here is a glimpse into why the last goldendoodle pup can be such exceptional pups.

Rocco is one of our last goldendoodle pups from our winter litter - available now

Why the last goldendoodle pup can be extra special!

Here at Rainfield Goldendoodles we focus on early basic crate, potty and manners training with all our doodle pups. Our goldendoodle puppies then go home between 8 to 12 weeks and we usually get pretty glowing reports about how easy it is to continue on with their crate and potty training. Most of them sleep through the night in their crates (although they may fuss a bit those first few nights at home) etc. However, ocassionally, we have a few that stay with us a little longer after their littermates have gone to their new homes.

Well, guess what? Once they are the only one or two left, they don’t just sit in their playpen or crate all day waiting for their big day. We can then go the extra step with those little ones. They get to trail around after us and get extra one on one training

The last doodle pup gets all the attention!

For instance, here is what Rocco, our last little boy, is up to as he waits for her new home.

— He started ‘off’ leash walking today. We will add the leash before too long.

— ‘Wait’ He is waiting at the gate for me to pass first. Right now that’s only about 50% of the time though as the temptation is great to rush out and see what’s going on.

— He has been doing great on sitting for weeks now, almost passable on ‘stay’ and ‘nicely’ (to get his treats). I am adding hand cues as well.

— Something I added this time around is a training journal. I tend to wander too much in my training and get a little too ‘creative, so the journal keeps me focused and on track.

With this early start on his training, Rocco should rock his puppy classes in his new home (after all puppy shots are done). Socialization with other pups is so important to keep up with, but it is a nice feeling when you start group classes and your pup is the star pupil as he has had a great start.

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Male goldendoodle pup in Houston