Ready to start puppy proofing your home?
A goldendoodle puppy enjoying his dog cot
A goldendoodle puppy taking a breather on his dog cot

If you’re getting ready to bring a new goldendoodle puppy home, congratulations! You’re in a for a real treat. Here are a few tips to help you get your home and yard puppy-ready.

1. Look for Choking Hazards

Puppies, much like young children, learn about the world around them by putting everything in their mouth and tasting things. Puppies have been known to swallow all kinds of objects which can result in an emergency trip to the vet to clear the obstruction. So before you bring your goldendoodle puppy home, it is recommended to get down on the floor and check out your home from a puppy’s viewpoint. Our puppies are used to being in a safe play area as well as we have gates to limit their play area in our home. We also have a safe play pen area in our home as well as an area outside.

2. Chew Hazards

Similar to choking hazards, a teething puppy can be pretty creative when it comes to finding things to chew on. This is one more reason to never leave your goldendoodle puppy unsupervised. Puppies can chew everything from your electric wires to your baseboards and even drywall if left on their own. So besides making sure you give your puppy plenty of safe chew toys, make sure the areas your puppy spends his or her unsupervised time in are free of chew hazards.

3. Poison Patrol

Check out your yard for poisonous plants or flowers, such as oleanders, sago palms berries, azaleas and lilies, as well as check out any indoor plants. For a complete list of plants that are toxic to dogs, click here.

4. Toxic Foods and Medications

There are foods we humans eat, that are toxic to dogs.  Grapes, raisins, macadamia nuts and chocolate are just a few. Xylitol is a sweetener that is great for humans but very toxic to dogs. It is used in many products such as sugarless gum, baking products and even peanut butter. If you have young children in your home, be mindful of foods children may unknowingly share with their puppy or drop on the floor. Be mindful of medications as well. We have heard of instances of dogs becoming very sick or dying from medicines. Vaping devices, catridges and capsules are also very poisonous for dogs, so keep these out of reach from your little pooch as well.

5. Other Odds’n’Ends
Male Goldendoodle Puppy
Enjoy those goldendoodle puppy days. They go by so fast.

]Last, but not least, do a visual sweep of your home or apartment and look for things that might catch your puppy’s attention. Keep purses, shopping bags, garbage bags and children’s toys, out of reach. Shoes are another item that can be very enticing to a teething puppy. While not necessarily dangerous or a choking hazard, no one want to find their favorite pair of sneakers all chewed up from being used a teething ring. So take a good look.

Once you’ve got everything squared away with puppy proofing your home, the crate is set up, toys are in place, sit back and get ready to enjoy your new little bundle of joy. Goldendoodle puppies grow so fast, so enjoy their baby days all you can.