If you’re looking to add a new goldendoodle puppy to your family, we are opening up our waiting list for our late summer F1 litter, and fall F1b litter. Puppies will be ready to go at 8 weeks of age. Coat types will vary.

Our F1 goldendoodle puppies (original mix between poodle and retriever) are generally more shaggy/wavy in coat type and range in color from reddish/apricot to cream or tan.

Our F1b goldendoodle pups (goldendoodle mom and poodle dad) are generally curlier, which is a better option for those with pet allergies as their coats are more hypo-allergenic. The F1b puppies will be cream/apricot colored.

Pictures shown are of past litters to give you an idea of coat type and coloring and just how dang cute these little guys and gals are.