Step 1: Learn about the breed
Read Facts about Golden Doodles or google information on the subject to familiarize yourself with the breed, what’s special about them and how they can add to your family.
Step 2: Make a decision
In taking the next step and making a decision, please do keep in mind that taking a puppy into your family is a life commitment so please make sure the time is right for you and your family and that you have also read the contract and are in agreement with our terms.
Step 3: Contact us
Contact us, Laurie Wells, by phone (281. 235.3272) or email at We can let you know when we will have available puppies.
Step 4: Get on the list

Because we have a limited amount of litters yearly,please call us for an update if you feel you might be interested in a puppy. We do have a waiting list and if you would like to be on that list, please let us know. This does not guarantee there will be a puppy available. as others that have put down an early deposit have priority. If you have made a choice that you definitely want one of our Doodles and can wait for one of our available puppies, you can place an early deposit of $350 at any time and that will assure your place when the puppies become available. Please write or call to ask for the details. We do not accept deposits until after we talk to interested families.

Step 5: Paperwork

PleaseEmail me with your request

If there are going to be puppies available within the next few months, I will let you know and communicate with you about some of the in’s and out’s of adding a puppy to your family.

If communications go well, I will add you to the puppy waiting list and send you our Bill of Sale and Guarantee for your review.

Then you will need to print, fill-out, and mail the Puppy Bill of Sale and Guarantee to us along with a $350.00 non-refundable (*)Security Deposit in Personal Check, Zelle or by PayPal.

Please contact us for payment options and information. 

If you choose to pay using PayPal, please note that Pay Pal charges a 3% fee. 

* Security Deposit

A non-refundable (except for reasons stated below) security deposit will hold your puppy until you come pick up your puppy..

Waiting list is on a first come first serve basis for an expected litter. The buyer will specify whether they want a M/F. Buyer agrees to be flexible and accept coat color available and acknowledges that seller cannot guarantee size of puppy when grown.

The security deposit will hold the puppy until the puppy is old enough to go home when the remainder of the balance is expected before the Puppy Pick up day. In case the expected litter does not arrive or the requested gender is not available, the deposit will be returned in full or the buyer will be put on the “next available litter” list.

If you put a deposit down for one of our puppies, we will do our best to provide you with a puppy within one year of the deposit being made, unless other arrangements made or the buyer wishes to remain on the waiting list.

The adult dogs weights are approximate. We have  F1, F1b and F2 goldendoodle puppies. Our standard goldendoodle puppies generally mature at between 50 and 75 lbs, and our mini goldendoodle puppies range in size from 25 to 50 lbs depending on the mix . Because the Goldendoodle is a “cross” and not a “standardized breed” there is no guarantee of size, coat texture and color when grown. We will endeavor to make the best possible match between puppies and people.

Step 6: Receive updates
When the puppies are born, you can keep up with them on my blog until they’re old enough for you to pick one.
Step 7: Meet your newest family member
Choose your puppy. We’ll supply pictures and updates on each puppy on a regular basis and if you have requested a visit, we will communicate with you about when will be a good time for you to visit the puppies, meet their parents, and choose your newest little family member. Many people have asked my assistance with choosing a puppy for their family and situation. I am more than happy to do this also.
Step 8: Make preparations
Prepare for the arrival of your puppy. We recommend puppy proofing your house and stocking up on your favorite puppy food, a cozy place for them to sleep, some toys and also that you get to know a local veterinarian who can work with you on maintaining your puppy’s health after he/she arrives at your home.

I provide a handy list of recommended suplies and suppliers.

Step 9: Pay the balance

Pay the balance for your puppy. We ask for $2250.00 for our Goldendoodle puppies.

You are welcome to pay for your Puppy using cash, PayPal, Zelle, or Personal Check (please allow 1 week to clear). The puppy must be paid for in full prior to (or on) the Pick-Up Date.

Step 10: Pick up
Pick up your puppy.

NOTE: In the event that we feel you do not meet the qualifications we expect of a responsible home for one of our puppies, we reserve the right to cancel the Buyer Agreement at any time and return your deposit.