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Since 2001

Raising and Socializing Best Friends and Family Pets

Our History

Hi! I am Laurie Wells and I am a long-time animal enthusiast having been raised on a small farm in Northern California. The first dog I ever training was my Shetland Sheepdog. As a very enthusiastic and entrepreneurial 10 year, I was aiming for a Lassie of my own.

Fast forward to 2008, my youngest daughter and I fell in love with the goldendoodle breed and decided to raise goldendoodles to train for service dogs as a project. Over the years, although we have continued to stay small, we have learned and grown in our knowledge and experience. Although my daughter went on to go to college and into a different career, my husband and I have continued to raise goldendoodle puppies. They have become an integral part of our lives. We feel blessed to have gotten to know many wonderful families and doodles over the past 15 years. 

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What Drives Us

Our Purpose

Throughout history, dogs have been known as man’s best friend for good reason. We have delighted in being a part of bringing a lot of happiness and companionship to families as our doodles often add a missing spark to individuals and families. As we have become empty nesters ourselves, our dogs have become more and more like our children. It brings us such joy to see their growth and development, and, in turn, to see that joy get passed on as they go on to new families. 

What’s so special about


WHAt makes goldendoodles such popular dogs?

Goldendoodles have become very popular over the years as they are well-known for their friendliness, good natured, make great companionship, are loyal. Another attribute is their coat makes it possible for people who have allergies to enjoy a wonderful dog. They have a goofy, playful attitudes and outlooks on life. They are beautiful and have stunning good looks (when well-groomed). Their intelligence and willingness to learn has made them suitable candidates for everything from sporting, working, service jobs, companionship and more. They combine the very best of two wonderful breeds –the golden retrievers beauty, friendliness and “will to please” and the poodle’s loyalty, intelligence, intuitive nature, and curly low-shed coat, which are good for many people with allergies.   


Goldendoodles are such intelligent, intuitive dogs. Here at Rainfields we emphasize early training and socialization to get our puppies off to a good start. Along with early socialiazation, daily handling and early training exercises, our puppies go to their new homes with a good start on crate training and potty training. However, we do emphasize that our puppies need to go into a training program, whether that’s at home, or with a trainer, as they are very intelligent dogs who need challenges. Without those positive challenges, they can put that intelligent to use in ways you may not approve of. We encourage new doodle families to line up a good trainer or training program before bringing their new goldendoodles puppy home. We use positive re-enforcement techniques here at Rainfield Goldendoodles and recommend programs that use that style of training. 


Goldendoodles are known for their well-balanced and even temperment and are very adaptable to different situations. They are very social dogs and need frequent interaction, lots of love and attention. They thrive in homes where they are very much a part of a family’s daily activities. 

coat type and Care

Goldendoodles’ coats will vary from shaggy and wavy to some variation of curly and poofy. Regardless of coat type, they need frequent grooming and care. They should be introduced to grooming from an early age. There are many products available from brushes to rinses or grooming aids, sprays, oils, etc, to prevent matting, especially for those who love those beautiful, flowing doodle locks. 


Generally Goldendoodles enjoy good health being a hybrid. We use a high quality dog food, try to emphasize more natural flea treatments and products, give them lots of exercise and keep them at a healthy weight. 


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