Why choose a Golden Doodle?

Golden Doodle Traits and Tendencies

I have found that people who add a Goldendoodle to their families have almost always done a great deal of research.  The qualities I find people  look for most and are looking for in a Goldendoodle, is a dog that is great with kids and  is good with people with allergies. It seems that most families have at least one member that suffers from allergies.  Also, I  hear from many people that have had Goldens in the past and are in love with the breed but have trouble with all the shedding.

Some people love the sporty side of Goldendoodle. Poodles  were and still are also used by some hunters as retrievers. Actually, the Continental hair cut you see in the show ring, had a very useful purpose originally. The long hair around the shoulders and back, warmed the heart and the pom poms around the ankles and on the hips protected the joints.  Poodles rate 2nd in intelligence in the canine world. Wolves have the intelligence lever of a 9-10 year old child and poodles have the intelligence of a 5-8  year old child. Poodles are not only intelligent but loyal, intuitive, very friendly, gentle, clean and no shedding, fun loving, great with kids and people of all ages. They are very easy to train and love  and need challenges.

Goldens are just great all around family dogs in every sense of the word, as well as athletic and sporty, eager to learn and  eager to please.  They have a great sense of humor and keep me laughing.They are very easy to train and love water sports. Galveston is a favorite destination of many Golden and Goldendoodle lovers.  For people who love to run, they are great as a companion runner.  The possibilities are limitless. Recently, a Goldendoodle was on ABC news for running in a Marathon in NY to raise funds for cancer. He raised more money for research than the other runners.

They love agility training and love the challenge.



Being a hybrid, they generally enjoy better health throughout life than the purebred puppy.  With good food, exercise and a lot of love, a Goldendoodle will bless your family with many years of happiness and a lot fewer health problems.