F1 goldendoodle puppies in Texas

F1 goldendoodle puppies in Texas

Shaggy wavy F1 goldendoodle puppy
An older F1 puppy who is getting in his doodle coat (from a previous litter)

F1 goldendoodle puppies in Texas — red and apricot

Our Red and apricot F1 Goldendoodle puppies are here and will soon be ready to go to new homes! We have a mix of red and dark apricot males and females, some larger and some smaller, but they are all beautiful, lively and healthy pups. They are standard in size and will have shaggy/wavy goldendoodle coats. Doodle pups from this litter will likely be between 60 and 80 pounds, with males being larger and females smaller.

If you want to chat with us directly or put down a deposit on one of these sweet little puppies, contact Nadia or Laurie by text or phone at 281-235-3272, email at laurie@rainfieldgoldendoodles.com.

You can also or chat us on Facebook.  While you are our Facebook page, take a minute to check out the pictures of our grown goldendoodles from past litters. We love to stay in touch with our goldendoodle families and get so many beautiful pictures of our doodle babies once they move on.


Red goldendoodle puppies available in Houston
Puppy snuggles are the best!

These F1 Goldendoodles Puppies are 3 weeks old now. Families or individuals with deposits on a puppy can visit over Christmas break to make their picks. The puppies will be ready to go to their new homes in early January,

How to Reserve one of our F1 Goldendoodle Puppies 

To get more information on the puppies from this litter or to get added to our list for one of these beautiful red and apricot F1 goldendoodle puppies, you can contact us through the website here, or at the phone number or email listed above. To reserve a puppy from this litter, you will need to put down a deposit of $250. This deposit gets applied to the total price, which is currently $1850 for a standard goldendoodle puppy. When you put down your deposit, please let us know if you want to reserve a male or a female goldendoodle pup. The pick order is based on when we receive your deposit. We will confirm what pick you have once we get your deposit.

Where are we located?

We live in Houston, Texas. Onceyou have a deposit down on a puppy, we would love to have you out to choose your puppy when the puppies are about 5 weeks old. 

At this time, we do not allow visitors who are just shopping around or who have not yet put down a deposit. Our puppies are very young and haven’t had all their vaccinations yet, so it’s risky to have too many visitors or people who may be visiting other kennels or breeders. When visiting, we ask that you either remove your shoes or step in a tray with bleach solution to avoid tracking in parvo or other illnesses that could affect our puppies.

What Colors and Coat Types do these puppies have?

Getting to know their temperment is key to helping connect our puppies with the right families.

Getting to know their little personalities and temperment so we can help you find the best puppy to fit your needs and lifestyle

The pups from this litter are F1 goldendoodle puppies. The pups range from red to apricot in color. Being F1s means that they have a golden retriever parent and a poodle parent. F1 goldendoodle pups generally have a shaggy or wavy coat, although some may have a bit more curl. This type of coat is easier to maintain and groom at home, although you probably want a trip to the groomer before you take those holiday pictures, etc. Their coloring can change as their adult coats come in, but it’s hard to say how much as poodles tend to ligthen as they age and retrievers tend to darken, so it really depends on which genes dominate.

If allergies are an issue in your family, we suggest you look at our F1b puppies as these pups are curlier as they have more poodle in their breeding, and so are more hypo-allergenic. Please click here to see our F1b puppies available.

Early Puppy Training and Socialization

We want our puppies to make great companions. With the appropriate training, our doodles have gone on to make great therapy dogs, service dogs, companions to special needs children and just great all-around family pets.

Part of why our goldendoodles are so versatile is that we give them a great start by limiting how many litters we have per year so we can home-raise our puppies. Being in our home, living room, family room, etc. each puppy gets picked up and handled multiple times daily by our family and close friends, including teemagers and children. This personal attention translates into puppies that are very attentive to their humans and develop close connections.

We start teaching the puppies good manners, start their crate training, potty training and more. We use much of the Puppy Culture and other methods of early socialization. Once the puppies go to their new homes you will need to pick up where we leave off, but also be proactive in getting your puppy trained and developing good habits by enrolling your puppy in training classes as soon as it’s feasible.

Goldendoodle puppies make great school buddies
This pup is getting some early math training

The first 12-16 weeks in a puppy’s life are crucial as far as socialization, so we give them as much early-socialization and stimulation while they’re still with us by exposing them to new situations and experiences, loud noises, different types and ages of people, as much as possible. Your puppy will have been around children, have ridden in a car, been around our cats, olders dogs, etc. We will give you more information on continuing to socialize your puppy once they go home.