On Doodle Personality and Traits

On Doodle Personality and Traits

One request I often get from people inquiring about finding the right goldendoodle for their family is if I have a puppy available just like the one they met while out, or like their friend has. They’ve often gotten to know a goldendoodle that won their heart and, if possible, would like one with the same doodle personality and traits.

I love this darling picture Lexi’s family sent in recently. Lexi is a granddaughter of Lucy, my granddaughter Valorie’s service dog. Goldendoodles are big on personality and keep us laughing with their many antics.

Goldendoodle Lexi, showing off her curiousity and intelligence, two awesome Doodle personality and traits.

Here Lexi is trying to see where her buddy, Dinah the cat, is hiding. Sweet Lexi was the brains of her litter and was always the first to notice or try something new. If there was something different in their environment or a new challenge, she never gave any of the other pups a chance to take the lead. She was out in front.

While there are similarities in the goldendoodle breed, just like human, puppies in a litter will vary in personality and traits. Some, like Lexi here, are very quick minded and eager for new challenges, are on the lookout for changes in their environment, like to try new things and are bold and outgoing. Others are a little shier and take their time to really check things out and make sure they like what they see first. They are not eager to rush in and will sit back and watch what happens to that first puppy. Once they see the results, they will get the courage to rush in too. These are just a few of the traits or combination of traits we see in a new litter of doodle pups. In Lexi’s case, she was a standout in personality.

All that to say, if there is something special you really loved about the goldendoodle you met and would like a shot at getting a puppy with similar doodle personality and traits, let us know when you are looking for and we’ll keep our eye open and let you know what we see.

We are small breeder though, so if you are hoping for certain doodle personality and traits, we recommend getting on our waiting list early on. Having an early pick will give you more puppies to choose from when pick day arrives. Contact us to find out how to get on our waitlist or see if we have a goldendoodle puppy available now.