Mornings with Goldendoodles

Mornings with Goldendoodles

A glimpse into my mornings with Goldendoodles.

Here in Texas, morning times are precious moments of outdoor activities. Me and the dogs do our best to beat the heat which means I have many perfect mornings with goldendoodles. This morning Sunny and her mom Savannah are here with me taking a quick break to relax on nice cool cement porch.

Texas mornings with Goldendoodles

What I love about my goldendoodles is how different and unique they each are. For instance, the first thing Sunny does each morning as she goes out for her morning run around and potty time is to start patrolling the property with her nose glued to the ground.

For some reason, Sunny seems to feel it’s important to cover every foot of ground to find out which country critters visited her domain last night. Since we live in the country, our property is full of new scents and smells each day with all of our night-time visitors of the forest and field communities sort. Whether she’s making sure it’s safe and that all the night creatures and critters have vacated the premises, or she just wants to “smell the news” as one dog trainer put it, once she is sure all is clear, she figures it’s finally safe to ‘play ball’.

Meanwhile, while Sunny is off doing her morning routine and sniffing the breeze, mom, Savannah, has been busy scouring the lawn and garden for yesterday’s abandoned and hidden tennis balls. She might not be as swift and good at catching the balls as Sunny is, but with enough tennis balls to go around, she’s ready for a great ball game and game of keep away.

Once all the balls have been recovered, the magic moment arrives where all is done and my two sweet Goldendoodles mosey on over and sit down right by the front door to remind me how much they love air conditioning… and snacks, of course.

Goldendoodle Puppies Coming Soon.

If you are looking for a Goldendoodle Puppy to share your summer days with, contact us today. We have a litter of goldendoodle puppies coming soon ready to keep you company and make your mornings with goldendoodles full of fun and enjoyment.