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Laurie-   I just wanted to to let you know how happy we are with Indie (Zane and Cheena’s March 2014 litter). He is a joy and the perfect addition to our family. He is so sweet and loving, constantly asking for kisses or a scratch behind his ears. Everyone comments on his calm disposition. We just returned from our summer in Colorado and he had a great time. He hiked with us, swam in the river, went tubing on John’s lap and played with all the local dogs. We were constantly being stopped by people on the street who wanted to know more about him. He loves all the attention! Thanks so much for training, socializing and just loving on your puppies. It makes a huge difference when they go home to their new families. when we decide it’s time to get Indie a companion, I will be giving you a call. Take care!

Dolores Cavatore

I’m sorry for not writing sooner but I just wanted to let you know how much we love Beau. He is so incredible and loved by everyone he meets. Everyone thinks he is a big fluffy teddy bear. He has a thick coat and his coloring is gorgeous. His pictures don’t do him justice but I wanted to send you this one so you can see how he’s grown. Like you said, Helena can barely hold him on her lap. We went to the Vet the other day and he weighed 22lbs. He has gained 10 lbs. in 4 weeks. He has the best personality and is very smart. We haven’t put him in our pool yet but bought him a baby pool for him to play in. I was going to wait another month, then I saw the picture of Copper swimming. He was awesome. I want to thank you for Beau. We are blessed and can’t thank you enough.

Do they shed? I have been asked if Zane’s puppies shed as they grow older. As he sired his first litter last year, I was not real sure myself. I asked around and this is one response I got in regards to the shedding. Hi Laurie, We are all fantastic. Tiller spent the day swimming and hiking at the Greenbelt and then he had a bath so he is quite tired. I’m so glad you wrote me about this and I would love to help you out! I frequently think of writing you and telling you just how happy Tiller has made our family. He is such a happy dog and so smart! Really, I can’t imagine life without him. One of the things that Tiller learned immediately and without an effort on our part, was the command Place. Chris thinks its because Zane was so good at placing that it must be ingrained in Tiller. In terms of shedding, Tiller doesn’t shed. We brush him out every one to two days and that gets rid of any extra hair. Occasionally I’ll find a hair on dress or shirt but we don’t see hair around our apartment and nothing comes off when we pet him. And trust me, he gets alot of pets! I can’t tell you that zero hair comes off him but he honestly doesn’t shed a bit. It’s delightful. What I can say is that he needs baths more often than another dog because he does get a bit stinky but he spends alot of time outside and in dog parks. We couldn’t have asked for a dog with a better temperment. He likes to cuddle at night. He is a bit lazy in the morning but very energetic in the afternoon and evening. We generally walk him about 1-2 hours in the middle of they day and then he gets another walk in the evening. He loves to swim but that really took us some time in getting him comfortable in the water. Now when hes around water, he just swims around until we make him get out. Tiller loves people and he loves other dogs. He likes to wrestle and to chase balls or anything that can be retrieved. He is especially patient with children and we are working on having him sit before they pet him. He loves to give kisses. We are hoping that in a year or two we can start training him to be therapy dog because he is so good with people. One of my favorite things about Tiller is how he always seems to be smiling. Where is the couple located? Do they want to meet and spend some time with Tiller? I would be happy to arrange a play date if they are local or if they want pictures or to chat, I’m happy to send pictures or talk to them. Getting a pup is a life changing experience and I can attest to all the work and time that goes into them but Tiller makes us so happy and we have so much fun as a family. Thank you for helping make that happen for us! We have discussed getting another pup but we want to wait for Tiller to be a couple of years old. But please keep us in mind for future litters with Zane as the father. Eventually, Tiller will need a playmate! Let me know if anything else comes up or if I can be of futher assistance. I attached two pictures. One of Tiller in his favorite sleeping position. The other is of Tiller napping with his toy dragon. Best, Andrea

Hi- we wanted to check in and let you know how much we love Romeo. He has been such a joy to us for the last 2 years. He is the best dog anyone could ask for. After bringing him home, he was potty trained and kennel trained in no time. He learns very quickly. Some of his favorite things are  swimming, catching his ball and cuddling. We are stopped everywhere we take him by people wanting to touch him and play with him. He is very fun loving but knows how to be gentle when necessary. We are so glad he is part of our family. Thanks again for such a great dog.


Enclosed are some before and after grooming pictures of Tallulah. She is 11 months at this point. We definitely plan on keeping her hair longer but her coat got away from us and required a butch to get rid of the matting. We will stay ahead of it in the future. After the grooming, she definitely favors the poodle side of her family. When we saw her, we said that she looks like her dad (Wellington).

Prior to the clip, she was quite the Rock Star. Wherever we took her, people were constantly stopping us to ask all about her. She has a wonderful personality and has never met a stranger. That can lead to a problem when she gets free in the front yard and there are people down the street. Other than that, she is a dream pup and is spoiled rotten by a family that loves her to death. Thanks so much with providing us with such a wonderful pet. We will have to get together some time for her to see Valorie, Wellington and Cheena.

Tim and Liz

Just wanted to send you a few photos of Zak.  He was 3 months old this past week.  We picked him up on September 23 and he was 2 months old.  He is now completely house trained, can sit, down, and is walking on his “big boy” leash .  He sleeps all through the night since his first night.  He loves his wire crate and enjoys a little nap occasionally.
Everyone in the neighborhood loves him.  He stops traffic when he is outside.  Everyone wants to know his name and what breed he is.  George and I have truly enjoyed him.  He is exactly what we wanted.  He is very smart…sometimes a bit of Zak’s way…but then he realizes he isn’t in control.  We are so happy that we contacted you and so happy to have Zak.  Without your expert “mothering” and “socializing”, Zak would not be what he is today.  Thank you.
Sandy and George

Testimonials Archive


Hi Laurie,

Attached are some pictures of Maggie. Sorry it took so long to finally get them to you. She is actually right now at the vet getting spayed. Hope she is doing well. She has been an absolute joy to have in my life. Although sometimes, when she gets into/does things she is not supposed to, she is very lucky she is so darn cute!! Thank you for breeding and raising two great parents so that I could have Maggie!!


I hope you have been well. I can’t thank you enough for the light you have put into my life. We renamed her Sunny because she is my Sunshine. It was a beautiful day when we brought her home. I take lots of pictures of her and am starting a Blog so you can keep track of her. I feel like she was meant for me and I couldn’t love her more if she had come from my own tummy. She is fond of people over dogs and has recently discovered the springy doorsteps. She sleeps in the funniest positions and likes to crawl under couches and chairs and is very smart and clever. She sleeps when I am giving voice lessons, which makes it easy for me.
She is the most loved dog I have seen. Everyone who sees her or even sees a picture of her, can’t stop talking about her. I have had two people ask me for your information as they want their own Sunny.
I took her to the Vet and everyone stopped what they were doing and loved on her. The Vet said she was perfect in every way.
Laurie, I truly can’t tell you how perfect it feels having a puppy in my life. Everyone says we are made for each other.


Joey has been to the Vet for his first visit. He is a crowd stopper and enjoys every minute of it. He always makes an impression and we love him so much. He makes friends with everybody.


Skipper goes to school with me everyday! I teach Special Ed. and I had such a hard time getting the kids attention sometimes. Then Skipper came into our lives. If the kids do well, they get “minutes with Skipper” and they all try so hard not to miss that. He is so patient with the kids. He has changed the whole spirit of the class.


Hi Laurie,
I hope all is well! I just wanted to let you know that Bailey (now Riley) has been an absolute angel. He is sweet, polite, fun, playful, and even lets us sleep through the night! We could not be happier with the new addition to our family – thank you so much!So far he hasn’t spent a ton of time out of our home, at least for another week until he is fully immune and ready, but we did go to the vet today and got a complete and healthy bill of health! He said that Riley is going to be a good, strong, happy boy! Thank you so much for taking such great care of him… we can tell that he was in very good hands before coming home.

I’ve attached a few pictures… he’s just so dang cute! He LOVES his brother (our 4 year old mailti-poo)! And the malti-poo is adjusting well to his role as the big brother… they are precious together!

Our only complaint is that it takes forever to just walk down the street! Everyone keeps stopping us to tell us how sweet and cute he is!!! I hope you don’t mind, a few people have asked about the breeder and I directed them to your website…

Well, I am sure you are busy busy with all the puppies but just wanted to say thank you and let you know how happy we are!

I hope all is well. I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how Riley is doing. He is loving life in the city. His favorite times are his trips to the park and the beach.

I hope you enjoy the pictures He has outgrown his brother but they are like 2 peas in a pod. They were Mickey and Minne for Halloween. Riley was a good sport He loves attention so you can imagine the costume was a big hit.

PS I was reminded when Riley was little and so timid and sweet but adventurous at the same time. Riley is the most amazing dog in San Francisco. A day doesn’t go by without someone expressing their love for the big guy. Be it his giant smile that is always on his face, to his love for “people watching” and singing with the fire trucks that go by our window. He brings such fun and playful, sweet energy to every outing. We can’t thank you enough and can’t imagine life without him.

He’s an absolute little gem and I can’t imagine life without him. Thank you so much for taking such great care of the puppies you share. We love Riley to pieces. He is adorable, sweet and incredibly loyal and loving. We couldn’t have asked for a better puppy. Thank you so much.


Hey there!
Marley is doing great. Marley is an incredible loving dog. She loves all dogs and people. She isn’t motivated by treats or toys- just attention. She insists on earning her treats so she will only eat them if I make her perform a command first. She has done well with her training but still has plenty of puppy in her which makes her stubborn sometimes. I’d love to see pictures of the next litter. It’s great to hear from you.

Leah & Duncan

My husband, Duncan, told me that you wanted some pictures of Waylon Knight. I’m sorry that we haven’t sent any sooner! He is so fun, such a great dog.
He’s completely house trained. We used the bell system on the back door. It works great since he’s not very vocal (which is great) He’s very friendly, loves kids and new people! He would play fetch for hours, if it wasn’t so hot! Waylon’s traveled to Austin and Hill country several times, and does really well in the car.
People ask all the time where we got him, and I give them your website!
I attached some great pictures of him.
Thank you for loving him from his very beginning!


I am sorry it has taken me so long to send photos of Odie. He has been the best dog ever. He has such a great temperament, so smart, eager to please, and very gentle with my two toddlers. We love him so much, he makes a great addition to our lives. I also love that he has a deep bark which he does if he sees a stranger outside our fence. He gets along great with other dogs and all people. I can’t imagine a better dog. We just moved to a smaller house on 2 acres in south Austin, and he is loving it. I saw him playing with a deer the other morning. The deer was on the other side of the fence but they were nose to nose and Odie would hop around. He was getting hundreds of burs in his long coat, so we decided to shave him which helps. He hasn’t shed at all, which is impressive.
We can’t thank you enough for breeding such wonderful dogs with such ethics and responsibility.


Nell is the pup we got from you Dec. (2008) and we are thoroughly enjoying her. She is such a good girl. Hope all is well with you. Let me know if you have any more litters as I am constantly being stopped and asked about our beautiful dog.