On Doodle Personality and Traits

On Doodle Personality and Traits

One request I often get from people inquiring about finding the right goldendoodle for their family is if I have a puppy available just like the one they met while out, or like their friend has. They’ve often gotten to know a goldendoodle that won their heart and, if possible, would like one with the same doodle personality and traits.

I love this darling picture Lexi’s family sent in recently. Lexi is a granddaughter of Lucy, my granddaughter Valorie’s service dog. Goldendoodles are big on personality and keep us laughing with their many antics.

Goldendoodle Lexi, showing off her curiousity and intelligence, two awesome Doodle personality and traits.

Here Lexi is trying to see where her buddy, Dinah the cat, is hiding. Sweet Lexi was the brains of her litter and was always the first to notice or try something new. If there was something different in their environment or a new challenge, she never gave any of the other pups a chance to take the lead. She was out in front.

While there are similarities in the goldendoodle breed, just like human, puppies in a litter will vary in personality and traits. Some, like Lexi here, are very quick minded and eager for new challenges, are on the lookout for changes in their environment, like to try new things and are bold and outgoing. Others are a little shier and take their time to really check things out and make sure they like what they see first. They are not eager to rush in and will sit back and watch what happens to that first puppy. Once they see the results, they will get the courage to rush in too. These are just a few of the traits or combination of traits we see in a new litter of doodle pups. In Lexi’s case, she was a standout in personality.

All that to say, if there is something special you really loved about the goldendoodle you met and would like a shot at getting a puppy with similar doodle personality and traits, let us know when you are looking for and we’ll keep our eye open and let you know what we see.

We are small breeder though, so if you are hoping for certain doodle personality and traits, we recommend getting on our waiting list early on. Having an early pick will give you more puppies to choose from when pick day arrives. Contact us to find out how to get on our waitlist or see if we have a goldendoodle puppy available now.


Mornings with Goldendoodles

Mornings with Goldendoodles

A glimpse into my mornings with Goldendoodles.

Here in Texas, morning times are precious moments of outdoor activities. Me and the dogs do our best to beat the heat which means I have many perfect mornings with goldendoodles. This morning Sunny and her mom Savannah are here with me taking a quick break to relax on nice cool cement porch.

Texas mornings with Goldendoodles

What I love about my goldendoodles is how different and unique they each are. For instance, the first thing Sunny does each morning as she goes out for her morning run around and potty time is to start patrolling the property with her nose glued to the ground.

For some reason, Sunny seems to feel it’s important to cover every foot of ground to find out which country critters visited her domain last night. Since we live in the country, our property is full of new scents and smells each day with all of our night-time visitors of the forest and field communities sort. Whether she’s making sure it’s safe and that all the night creatures and critters have vacated the premises, or she just wants to “smell the news” as one dog trainer put it, once she is sure all is clear, she figures it’s finally safe to ‘play ball’.

Meanwhile, while Sunny is off doing her morning routine and sniffing the breeze, mom, Savannah, has been busy scouring the lawn and garden for yesterday’s abandoned and hidden tennis balls. She might not be as swift and good at catching the balls as Sunny is, but with enough tennis balls to go around, she’s ready for a great ball game and game of keep away.

Once all the balls have been recovered, the magic moment arrives where all is done and my two sweet Goldendoodles mosey on over and sit down right by the front door to remind me how much they love air conditioning… and snacks, of course.

Goldendoodle Puppies Coming Soon.

If you are looking for a Goldendoodle Puppy to share your summer days with, contact us today. We have a litter of goldendoodle puppies coming soon ready to keep you company and make your mornings with goldendoodles full of fun and enjoyment.

Summer Fun with Goldendoodles

Summer Fun with Goldendoodles

Are you ready for some summer fun with goldendoodles?

With Memorial Day weekend behind us, we are officially in summer mode. The heat is on and many of us have water sports on our minds, as we try to keep cooled off. Of course our sweet doodles want to join in the fun. Here is Will, a natural model, showing off his groovy life jacket, which is a very good thing to remember if you happen to have a fearless water lover.

goldendoodle on a boat

Plan your summer fun with goldendoodles in mind

Of course, some doodles love swimming and water more than others. The waterloving doodles will need their own bin or tub to spend their summers in, while the divas may be a little shy about getting chlorine or sand in those beautiful waves or curls. One thing though that all doodles have in common is that they love their people and getting to participate in activities with their family.

With that in mind, as you make your summer plans, consider activities, vacations and outtings that are pet friendly and bring your goldendoodle along, be it water sports, a beach vacation, hiking and camping or a family road trip. Most doodles are great travelers, are friendly with strangers, love adventure and trying new things, and have fairly good stamina and strength.

summer fun with goldendoodles

Visit our Facebook page to catch more summer fun with goldendoodles! And, of course, if you have one of our Rainfield Goldendoodle pups, be sure to send in all those fun pictures for us to share with the rest of our Rainfield family.

Don’t Have a Doodle Yet?

And if you don’t have a fun-loving, cuddly and friendly Rainfield Goldendoodle yet, contact us today to find out about our upcoming summer litter. Maybe this is your summer to get a Rainfield Goldendoodle puppy of your own!

goldendoodle puppies - summer 2024
Running with a Goldendoodle

Running with a Goldendoodle

Henry Runs A 5K Marathon!

There is a Rainfield Hall of Fame and Teddy is in it! Congratulations to Henry the Goldendoodle, and mom, Danielle on running a 5K and showing us how fun running with a goldendoodle can be!

5K Marathon - Running with A goldendoodle

And that’s not all. Teddy doesn’t just join in on the big races, she is there day in and day out on Danielle’s short training runs, always enthusiastic in helping her mom get in shape and ready for the big day! Keep up the good work, Teddy!

Thank you, Danielle, for sharing yours and Teddy’s big day!

To see more pictures and stories from our Rainfield families, stop by our RainfieldGoldendoodle Facebook Page.

Looking for Your Own Canine Exercise Buddy?

If you are active and exercising and running with a goldendoodle companion sounds like your cup of tea, contact us today to get a goldendoodle puppy of your own by getting on our waitlist for our 2024 summer litter of medium standard goldendoodle puppies.

Rainfield Puppy Training

Rainfield Puppy Training

Rainfield Puppy Training – The Art of Listening’

These 3 standard pups were such bright students.

While not yet able to master complex or fancy tricks, between 6-8 weeks of age smart little goldendoodle puppies catch on very quickly to some of the earliest, but most basic, training techniques and pre-training exercises. We start by teaching our young Rainfield goldendoodle pups to sit and pay attention or to “Watch me!” which is one of the very first things every dog has to learn in training . Pups that have mastered this basic skill go on to be much easier to train once they mature and are able to retain more information.

If you’ve ever visited with a litter of puppies, you know that it’s no small feat to get three pups to sit nicely on a dog cot, watching you and waiting at attention. Enter our early Rainfield Puppy Training tips.

We actually teach the whole litter to Mand or “Watch ME” at the same time. We start by using high value soft treats initially. At first the puppies are in their own little puppy world, romping around, tumbling and playing. We stand at the edge of the pen and use a hand motion, waiting for one of the pups to notice. The most attentive pup in the litter will be the first to notice and curiously sit down to see what we’re up. We quickly treat the pup with our high value treat. That pup is now sold on this new trick and goes on to repeat it over and over again as they get more treats. Pretty soon, a second notices that something is up and one of their siblings is getting something special. One by the one, the pups stop playing as they realize what’s going on and join in on the activity. Pretty soon we need 10 hands to quickly treat all the little cuties as they sit and wait *not so patiently* for their treat. Later we add a verbal cue. I use ‘watch me’ and ‘sit’.

Goldendoodle dogs sitting at attention

Adult goldendoodles sitting at attention.

If you are looking for a goldendoodle puppy to add to your family, click here to find out more about our summer litter of goldendoodle puppies for Sale now.