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Happy New Year to everyone!

We have been getting emails  about our plans for 2018. Thanks so much for all your interest and we love to hear from you and to talk about one of  our favorite subjects, ‘Doodles’. They have such a big part of our hearts. Thanks to everyone that has sent pictures, testimonies and ‘ doodle stories’ to us over the last year. Keep them coming. We love them! Doodles have so much personality and they keep us laughing and they make our homes a warmer and more complete place.

To answer one of the most asked question, Yes,we will be having puppies in the spring and again later this year. In case you are interested, you can  contact us for more info at (281) 235 3272. We  have standards and our babies will range from red to light apricots and a few creams. The truth is, no matter the coat type and color, they are all darling and full of personality.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you in 2018.


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  1. Elizabeth Rasch

    Didn’t want to call so late. I’m an very interested in a puppy. Are there any available?


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