Goldendoodle Available in Houston

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UPDATE: This gorgeous goldendoodle has been adopted and is no longer available, however, if you are looking for an older goldendoodle, we do occasionally assist with rehoming of adult goldendoodles. Please get in touch with us and we will add you to our list and let you know when we have one of these beauties available.


If you love the idea of having a goldendoodle, but would like to skip over the puppy phase, we have an adult goldendoodle available in Houston — a sweet, 5 year old standard-sized F1 female goldendoodle in need of a new home.

5 Year Old Adult Goldendoodle Available in Houston

This sweet pup is a friendly, outgoing, red F1 goldendoodle with shaggy hair. She loves to be around people and would make a great companion and playmate. This girl is house and crate trained and does well with children, other dogs and cats, although she can be a bit bossy with younger dogs who do “dumb stuff”. She is an indoor dog, but loves walks, games of fetch, outdoor playtime, and exploring the great outdoors. Although she’s 5, she has the energy to keep up just fine. Training-wise, she knows basic commands, is very smart and a quick learner.

Shaggy Coat and Grooming Style

When out and about, she gets lots of compliments on her beautiful red hair, especially when it grows out a little. As an F1 goldendoodle with shaggy, wavy hair, she can grow her hair out fairly long and sport that signature Goldendoodle look. The good news is she rarely mats and has a fairly low-maintenance coat, BUT, she does shed some. SHe doesn’t shed as much as retrievers, but she does shed, especially if not brushed out regularly. If you brushed her out once a week, you could probably avoid a lot of that though.

Temperment — Likes and Dislikes

If you had to sum up this sweet pooch with one major quality, that would definitely be that she’s a real people dog and is SUPER affectionate. If you know of someone who needs a companion and friend, She would be in heaven to have that kind of job! She sometimes has to be told “Too much love! Go to your place!” (her dog cot) but that’s not a bad thing. This beautiful doodle just loves people, snuggles, pets and gives lots of doodle kisses.

This girl has got a very sweet, good nature and generally listens well, but is more on the energetic side. She is 5 though and has calmed down a lot from her younger years., but when she gets very excited about something, she can zip around a bit. That is partly why we don’t recommend her to a family with babies or very small children (under 5 years old). She would love them, but could accidentally bump into small or young children and knock them over with her exhuberance.. She can spend hours outside watching over kids playing the back yard and waiting them to throw a ball, etc.

Her retriever mama was a field golden retriever, which is where she gets her beautiful, red color from. Field goldens tend to be great hunting and sporting dogs, etc. This sweetie definitely inherited her mama’s good nose and sense of smell. If there are any intruders on the property (snakes, rodents, toads, etc) she will find them and bring them to you as a good will offering. She has great ears and will bark and alert you if she hears someone at the door or someone coming into the driveway. In that way, she does better than most doodles at being an alert dog/watch dog.

She is a good traveler and loves to get out of the house and go on errands. Although she can be a little shy at first with new people, she warms up quick, especially once she realizes they are good petters. She’ll do Home Depot, but Petsmart is her favorite!

She loves toys — especialy the squeaky kind. Fetch is her favorite active game and she can beat any dog to the tennis ball.

As we said earlier, she’s an indoor dog and does well in her crate at night and when alone at home. If left outside for too long alone, she will get lonely and bark.. She must go to a home that plans to have her as an indoor dog (except for potty breaks or supervised outdoor time).

This doodle is a water lover! When it’s hot out, you’ll often find her soaking in a bucket, tub or pool. While she hasn’t been to the beach yet, she does enjoy wading in creeks.

She loves the outdoors and going on walks. She is a fast walker though, so does best on a retractable leash or she will pull.

Thunder storms and fireworks stress her out and she gets pretty nervous. She likes to be around someone who can reassure her that the sky is not falling.

Adult Goldendoodle at Home Depot


She is a very healthy dog with no existing health issues, very active and gets around great. This beauty is chipped and up to date on shots, including rabies and comes with a health record.

Ideal Home and Rehoming Fee

Honestly, she’d do well in a wide variety of situations, from being a good pet for a family with kids (5 years and old) and other pets in the home, to someone who is active and needs a companion to be out and about, or a companion dog to retirees with a calmer situation where she can lounge around and be pampered.

We are asking for a $250 rehoming fee for her..

If interested in finding out more this adult goldendoodle available in Houston please contact us by today by email at


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