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Fall puppies, F1B mini goldendoodles
Rosie and Bowser, F1B mini-goldendoodle pups, enjoying the fall foliage

Nothing much to see here, just some goldendoodle puppies having fun, being cute and loving this fall weather. 🙂

F1B mini doodle pups enjoying the outdoors
Rosie and Peach love the feel of those cool stones on their little paws

Each season brings its joys. Spring brings the flowers, summertime, the water play, winter means extra goodies and toys for all the good doodle girls and boys, and fall… well… there’s just something about fall that makes you want to spend all day long outdoors lounging and soaking in the weather.

Apricot curly F1b Mini Goldendoodle, Houston, TX
Bowser found a quiet spot

These little guys can play their little hearts out, but then when they come over and want to snuggle and curl up for a little snooze, there’s nothing like it! Goldendoodles are the best stress relief ever!

Doodle pups at play

Are two doodles are better than one? These little playmates think so.

Goldendoodles are such social dogs. If you ever go to a dog park during one of those doodle romps, you’ll see what I mean. The doodle gang will be having the time of their life and making everyone else look dull. BUT… they do have their limits. They need their down time to recoup their strength a little and clear their fuzzy little heads, but it’s not long before they’re back at it showing everyone what fun is all about.

Mini Goldendoodle puppy
All played out and ready for a nap

These mini doodles know what stopping to smell the flowers is all about, you just have to be sure they don’t take it to the next level and try to “taste” the flowers.

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