Goldendoodle Art

by Aug 18, 2023News0 comments

What do you think of this beautiful piece of Goldendoodle Art? This gorgeous piece features 3 precious Rainfield Goldendoodles, Maggie, Milo and Mayze. Aren’t they beautiful? I love how different each of them looks. The artist captures their individual expressions perfectly!

Goldendoodle Art

Milo and Maggie are F1 goldendoodles and Mayze is an F1b with a lot of beautiful curl. Maggie was the first to steal her family’s heart, Milo and Mayze came later, but fit right into the family. You know what they say… you can’t just have one goldendoodle. Thank you to their mom and dad for sharing this beautiful piece of goldendoodle art with us.

Goldendoodle siblings


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