Goldendoodle Puppies for Sale Now

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Late Summer Goldendoodle Puppies for Sale Now

Goldendoodle puppies for sale in Houston, Texas

Are you looking for goldendoodle puppies for sale now? Little Chip and Sunny are red/apricot F1b Goldendoodle puppies who are ready for their new homes. These small standard goldendoodle pups are 10 weeks old at the moment and have curly, wavy red/apricot coats. They will grow to be about 35-40 pounds. (Update: Chip is no longer available)

We also have one mini-goldendoodle puppy available as well. We call him Will. He is an adorable F1bb goldendoodle pup. He will be smaller than Sunny and Chip and a little curlier as well. Full grown, he will be about 25 pounds. (Update: This puppy is no longer available.)

A Little About the Puppies…

All three are doing well sleeping through the night in their crate and are making good progress on their potty training. They are on a good schedule, are eating dry kibble well and are getting some early manner trainig and learning a few basic commands. We give you all the information on their schedule and where they’re at with their training, tips on how to continue with their training and suggested puppy supplies prior to the pickup.

Chip, a goldendoodle puppy
Chip, a male small standard goldendoodle puppy

(Update: Chip is no longer available) Chip (above) is a happy. go-lucky little fellow who loves to give kisses, make new friends, play games and explore new things. He’s a big fan of toys and music — the whistling type anyway. He gives great hugs and keeps things fun. There is never a dull moment when Chip is around.

Sunny, a goldendoodle puppy for sale
Sunny, a female small standard goldendoodle puppy

(Update: Sunny has been adopted and is no longer available) Sunny is a happy little love bug. She is very affectionate and loves snuggling and giving kisses to everyone she meets. She’s playful and loves children and making new friends. She looks like a happy, little red lamb as she bounces through the back yard, chasing butterflies (and brothers). She keeps us entertained with all of her antics.

A mini-goldendoodle puppy
Will – a mini-goldendoodle puppy

(Update: Will is no longer available.) Will is a laid back little fellow — as much as a puppy can be anyway. He loves bird watching, especially those beuatiful red cardinals that love to come around and tease him. He loves long cuddles and has big plans to be the best lap dog ever.

How to Get One of These Darling Goldendoodle Puppies

If you’re interested in finding out more about one of these goldendoodle puppies for sale now in the Houston area, contact us today and we can get your more pictures and information. You can reach us by phone at 832-971-4649 or by email at You can also contact us through our Rainfield Goldendoodles Facebook page, which also have lots of fun pictures that our families with older doodles send in.

All the pups have their first shots and ready to go to their new homes now.

Pricing For the Goldendoodle Pups Available Now

Our small standards and mini-goldendoodle puppies are $2250. All three pups are ready to go home now, so if you can come out right away, no deposit is needed. If you can’t come out right away though and you’ve got your eye on a specific puppy, we recommend putting down the $250 deposit, which reserves your pup and get applied towards the total price for the puppy.

Pick Up Location?

Will, the mini-goldendoodle puppy is located in New Waverly, Texas, which is a little North of Conroe and Willis.

Sunny and Chip, the small standard F1b Goldendoodle pups, live in Humble, Texas near George Bush Airport.


  1. Rae Kudd

    Good evening, just a quick enquiry with regards to “Sunny” is she still available?

    Thank you:)

    • rainfield

      Sunny is not available anymore, but we are expecting a litter of similiar puppies in December. If interested, please text or call us at 832-971-4649.

  2. Emy

    Good day, I was wondering if you have pictures and more information on the December litter?

    • rainfield

      Hi Emy. We have some puppies ready to go in about 10 days. Call us at 281-835-3272 if you’d like more info, or you see the pictures we are getting to post on our blog.


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