What is ‘Puppy Culture?’ and Upcoming litters

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We love changes! Although we have always put a lot into our puppy raising, there’s always room for improvement. We always look forward to getting ongoing feedback and keeping up with our puppies as they grow and develop the wonderful potential Goldendoodle puppies all have all have. After researching , we were very impressed with the PUPPY CULTURE method of early socialization. For the last few years, we have been using the ‘Puppy Culture’ techniques with each of our Goldendoodle litters and have been very pleased with the results. Jane Killion, the director, is a long time breeder of Bull Terriers and has an extensive list of credentials, professional references and the proof of the pudding, her dogs. Her little bull terrier pups are the stars of her DVD Series. We are still fine tuning some of the details and modifying others to our situation but we try and stick as closely as we can to her techniques. Raising a litter properly is time consuming but since we plan just a few litters yearly, we can put in the time with each pup. If you ever have the chance, check out the PUPPY CULTURE website. Their DVD series is well worth the time and cost. A puppy’s first months are crucial and the things they learn during those months set the stage for further training and those lessons last a lifetime.

Doodles just love their training and as all puppies do, they need it. I would like to say they are all pre-made angels but early training just makes so much difference.
3 sweet 
If all goes as planned, we are expecting a late fall/ winter litter this year as well as a Spring 2017 litter. We are taking deposits for the future Rainfield darlings so let us know if you might be interested.

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  1. Beth Deam

    Would like to know more about your upcoming litters. I am interested in a mini or medium. Thank you


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