Where are they now?

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Lola lives fulltime with Heidi at a summer camp for kids near Austin and spends her days with campers, horses, rabbits and all sorts of wildlife. What a life! She just celebrated her 4th birthday. Those long legs she inherited from her poodle dad, make it easier with lots of hill country to cover. She loves her job and the kids love her!


Tiller, just recently moved to New England with his family Chris and Andrea. He’s a sailor as they spend a lot of time on the water. Chris is a professional sports photographer. They love water sports and Tille rfits right in


They grow so fast in such a few months. Kyle and Michelle added this “little” boy to their family this year.


Brinkley is just 5 months old and a delight to his family in Oklahoma, Sam and Chelsey.


Sullivan is a Teddybear Golden from our English Golden Retriever Charlotte. He has such a beautiful coat with his dad’s coloring.


Indie was picked up by his family at 2 months old and wisked away to Colorado for a vacation with Dolores and family. Apparently, he is fearless when it comes to gondolas and even had a chance to play in the snow. 2 of this years puppies experienced air travel at the tender age of 2 months old and both did great. They traveled in the cabin in Sherpa airline carriers. Brinkley, the puppy that traveled in the cabin with me to California, was so good, that the people in my aisle never realized I had a puppy with me.


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