Appreciation of Service Dogs

Appreciation of Service Dogs

Remembering Valorie and Her Loving Appreciation of Service Dogs

I was thinking about my sweet grandaughter, Valorie, who left this world 4 years ago and thought I would do a post in her memrory and in appreciation of service dogs.

In appreciation of service dogs - cystic fibrosis awareness

For 18 years, my husband and I were blessed with being Grandparents to Valorie, our third grandchild. Valorie had so much going on in her life besides her battles with Cystic Fibrosis and her Lucy and Goldendoodle puppies were just one beautiful part of her life. She had a big hand in socializing and training the pups when she was with me, which was often in the early years. Sweet Valorie was often with me on ‘Gothcha Days’ when people would come to their new goldendoodle puppy. Valorie had so much to say that I often had trouble getting a word in edgewise as she would gave the new families a rundown of their new puppy. Valorie would make sure they had all the best tips for doodle care’ and knew what their care and training history had been so far. Each familiy was always so kind and patient as they listened to her sometimes lengthy explanations. .Val was blessed with a special connection with dogs, especially puppies. Our pups all loved Vaorie! I would often find her asleep on the floor with puppies sleeping all around her.

service dogs for children with special needs - Houston

This July marks 4 years since she sprouted her wings and started her Heavenly journey. She is greatly missed by all that knew her. She may have left us young, but she sure left her mark and a memorable legacy.

So today, as we remember sweet Valorie, apprecition of service dogs and the joy they added to her precious life seems like it goes hand in hand. Here are some our favorite pictures of her and her loyal companion and service dog, Lucy.

Cystic fibrosis service dog