Doodle Fashion Designs, by Henry the Goldendoodle

Doodle Fashion Designs, by Henry the Goldendoodle

Henry Says… “Like My Doodle Fashion Designs?”

Noah’s Henry, a standard F1b goldendoodle who calls Portland home, is looing pretty pleased with his Doodle fashion designs. Evidently he had a ‘rascal moment’ and tunneled through a trash bag, coming up with his very first doodle fashion design. It amazes me how happy and accomplished doodles can look, no matter what. They can be such clowns.

Henry, the goldendoodle, trying his paw at doodle fashion designer
Henry, a standard F1b Goldendoodle, looked pretty pleased with his handywork

We have known Henry’s family for many years. He is their family’s 4th goldendoodle! Their third goldendoodle was a sweet rescue story.

One day we received an urgent call about a goldendoodle that needing to be rehomed. The poor pup was caught in the middle of family troubles and had developed anxiety behavior issues as a result. We contacted one of our favorite local dog trainers and he spent a few weeks at their training facility relearning some manners and getting settled again. Once the trainer felt he was ready, his new family came out to get trained as well and the sweet boy got to go to his new home and family, and became their doodle number three.

I love Happy Endings!

Looking for a Goldendoodle of your own?

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