Cream and Apricot Goldendoodle Puppies in Houston

Cream and Apricot Goldendoodle Puppies in Houston

F1 cream and apricot goldendoodle puppies in Houston - Spring 2022
Gracie and her little darlings

Cream and Apricot Goldendoodle Puppies in Houston – Spring Litter

Summer Break is coming up soon and is the perfect time to add one of our little cream and apricot goldendoodle puppies in Houston to your family. Our early spring litter of puppies have arrived and will be growing and changing and will be ready for their new homes in May 2022. Our cream and apricot goldendoodle puppies are F1 puppies so will be shaggy wavy goldendoodles. The F1 designation means they are 50 percent standard poodle and 50 percent golden retriever.

Here at Rainfield, each of our puppies are home-raised and handled and played with multiple daily. They get a lot of interaction with us, our kids, grandkids and other dogs, a few cats and our neighbors chickens from time to time. Our hope for each of our goldendoodle puppies is that they go on to make great companions, friends and family members for you for years to come. To read more about Rainfield Goldendoodles and why goldendoodles are our favorite, click here.

How Do I Get One Of These Gorgeous Cream and Apricot Goldendoodle Pups?

Reach out to us via text at 281-235-3272 or email at and I can get you more info on these beautiful puppies. Our summer break puppies are popular, so if you’d like to take one of these cuties home with you, jump on it now.

What Coat Type and Color Will These Goldendoodle Puppies Have?

Newborn apricot goldendoodle pup - Houston, TX
Sweet dreams little one

These Cream and Apricot Goldendoodle Puppies are F1 goldendoodles. As such they generally a beautiful shaggy, wavy coat with some curl. We’re including a few pictures from Gracie’s previous litter, who are full siblings to the pups in this litter. Goldendoodle puppies go through two or three coat changes as they grow. They generally get their full adult coat at about 2 years of age, but in the meantime, you’ll see plenty of changes. Their puppy coat will grow and thin out, and you’ll see their thicker adult coat coming in underneath.

The doodle pups in this litter may stay the same color or darken as they grow. Golden retrievers typically darken with age and poodles tend to lighten up as they get older, so being a mix, you’ll get some that take more after their poodle or retriever parent.

How Much Does a Goldendoodle Puppy Cost?

These standard sized goldendoodle puppies are $1950. To reserve one of these puppies, you will need to put down a $250 deposit that gets applied to the total price. We generally prefer Zelle or Paypal for the deposit, but check with us if you want to pay some other way. Once we receive your deposit, we will let you know what pick you have as we assign picks in the order of deposits received.

Can I Meet Your Goldendoodle Puppies and Pick the One I Want?

Yes! You are welcome to come out and visit our cream and apricot goldendoodle puppies in Houston and pick from our available puppies. We usually have families come out to visit when the puppies are around 5 to 6 weeks old. Since our puppies will not be fully vaccinated at that time, we ask that you wear clean clothes and shoes that have not been around other pets and dogs when you visit to avoid tracking in germs.

What Can I Expect from These Puppies?

Goldendoodle Puppies in early training
Goldendoodle Pups learning to “Sit” and “Watch Me”

A few of the things that we start early with our goldendoodle puppies is crate training. They should be pretty consistently sleeping through the night by the time your puppy goes home. They should be on a good schedule where they go to bed in the closed crates about 10 or 10:30 pm and wake up between 7-8 am needing to go out and do their business. They are generally doing pretty well on their potty training (if you continue on our with their crate training), however they are still puppies, so you will need to take them out right away once you get them up in the morning, and every three to four hours during the day.

We can fill you in on the details and get you all caught up so you can keep up the good work. We also start teaching them simple commmands and getting them ready to go further in their training once they go to their new homes..

The pups have their first shots and their worming/parasite treatment. We will give you their health record at the time of pick up so you can share this with their new vet. Pups will have been to the vet and gotten a clean bill of health. We do offer a health guarantee on all our pups.

Are You Ready For Some Furry Action?

If you have any other questions or would like to know more about these wonderful cream and apricot goldendoodle puppies in Houston, just get in touch at or by phone at 281-235-3272. You can also contact us through our Facebook page. or on Instagram at Rainfield.Golden.Doodles.

While your’e there, feel free to check all the pictures of our grown doodles and their families.

Apricot goldendoodle pup in Houston, Texas
An Older sister rocking her waves and curls