Best Office Doodle Ever!

Best Office Doodle Ever!

A big happy 2nd birthday to sweet Peach, an F1b goldendoodle, voted Best Office Doodle Ever! Here’s a shout out from Robin about what having a goldendoodle on staff, and in her life, is like.

Thank you, Robin, for sharing all these sweet moments with Peaches! We love seeing the very full and fun lives our doodles are living.

Peach, F1b goldendoodle, turns 2!
Happy 2nd Birthday, Peaches!

Update From Robin on Peaches, Best Office Doodle Ever!

“Peach brings sunshine and happiness where ever she goes. She shares my interior design studio with me. Actually, I don’t think she knows I run a business…she is pretty sure everyone comes to see her. Peach travels near and far to job sites too. Loves people and all types of animals sweetly. She runs the park with me most mornings here in SA. My life is way more fun with her in it!”

Best Office Doodle Ever!

Every day is “bring your goldendoodle to work day” for this sweet girl. It’s no wonder she’s voted “Best Office Doodle Ever!”

Long meeting in the studio - No problem! - The perfect business partner!

“Waiting in my studio while the meeting is going on and on!!”

You've gotta love that office doodle work ethic.

Still going?

Taking care of my mom's furry customers is what this goldendoodle does best!

Even Mom’s furry customers are welcome here!

Peaches the Goldendoodle - "Let me tell you about my design studio."

Trying out my sales pitch to our four legged customers while mom makes her rounds at a job site.

After a tough week at the office, a goldendoodle needs her R&R.

Taking a little R&R after a long week at the studio.

That racally goldendoodle look Too cute to get mad at.

“Peaches was in my bed playing on the velvet pillows…I was asking her to please get down…and that is the look she gave me. Cracked me up too!”

Goldendoodle delights!

Peach is a total delight!

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