Adopt an F1b Goldendoodle Puppy this Holiday Season!

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Ready to Adopt an F1b Goldendoodle Puppy?

Are you looking to adopt an F1b goldendoodle puppy this holiday season? These cuties are standard size and are going to be curly and cute! We’ve got apricot, reddish apricots, parti-colored and black available.

Apricot F1b Goldendoodle puppy In Houston
Coco has been so very good this year!

Although you’d never know it at 3 weeks old, once their fuller coats come in, they should have beautiful, curlier coats. The curlier coated doodles tend to be more hypo-allergenic because they tend to shed less. If anyone in your family suffers from allergies, an F1b is probably the better bet. These F1b goldendoodle puppies will range in weight from 45-65 lbs, so they will be fairly standard size goldendoodles.

When I can pick out my puppy?

Standard goldedoodle siblings
Aren’t they perfect little doodle angels?

We allow families who have deposits down on one of our puppies to choose their puppy at about 5 or 6 weeks old. These pups will be ready to be chosen right before Christmas. We do our puppy picks either in-person or by photos and video clips, depending on availability and scheduling.

When are the puppies ready to go home?

F1b Goldendodole puppies in apricot and reddish apricot
Poppy and Buddy get their love of comfort and coziness from their poodle ancestors

Our puppies are ready to go home starting at around 8 weeks. For these pups, their go-home date should be around or shortly after New Years. We send you a letter ahead of the pick up date explaining their schedules, what we’re doing with their potty training and giving you a list of recommended items to have ready before pick up, including what sized crate, etc.

How do I get on the list?

3 week old f1b goldendoodle puppy
Batman is just chilling. He loves these beautiful autumn days.

To get on our list to adopt an F1b goldendoodle puppy from this litter, you will need to put down a deposit of $250. We confirm what pick you have once we receive your deposit. Please let us know if you want a male or a female at the time of making your deposit. We accept Zelle, Paypal, check or cash. To get the process started please call us at 281-235-3272 or email We also have a Rainfield Goldendoodles Facebook page. We like to share updates and pictures of our Rainfield doodles, so you can see examples of our full-grown dogs. You can also message us through Facebook.

How much are these puppies?

Our standard F1b goldendoodle puppies are $1850. The $250 deposit gets applied to the total price. The balance is due when you pick up your puppy. For more information on how to adopt an F1b Goldendoodle puppy, please check our 10-Steps to Buying a Puppy.

What You can Expect When Getting One of our Puppies

Blonde F1b goldendoodle puppy available in Houston
Elfie won’t always be this little

We often get asked if there anything special to know about our doodle puppies when they go to their new homes, and the answer is, “Yes!”

First of all, we will have started crate training your puppy. We recommend all of our puppies be crated or kept in a playyard like this one when unsupervised for the first year to keep them out of trouble and to make potty training easier.

Speaking of potty-training, we have started our F1b goldendoodle puppies on early potty training and will give you tips on how to continue it once they go to their new homes.

First vet check - goldendoodle puppies
Our puppies love their vet check ups

All our puppies have had their parasite and worm treatments every two weeks and their first set of shots before going home. All puppies are susceptible to parvo though at this early age, so we do ask that you keep your puppy away from areas with high pet traffic or where sick dogs may have been, including dog parks, side walks, pet stores, etc. They need a series of three shots at three week intervals, so although they’ve had their first shot, you will need to be careful with them until about 14-16 weeks of age when they are fully vaccinated.

Your puppy will have been seen by our vet to ensure that they are in good overall health, but please take your puppy to your new vet within the first 72 hours of picking them up.

yelling goldendoodle puppy
Batman – Naughty list
Smiling goldendoodle puppy
Batman – Nice List


  1. Jerry Coletto

    Any avail standard size f1b? I want non shedding and wavy coat.

    • rainfield

      Yes, we do. I sent the info to your mmail.



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