Beach Loving Doodles

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Goldendoodles on Vacation

Tip – How do you make the goldendoodle in your life REALLY happy? Take those goldendoodles on vacation with you and encourage them to be one of those beach loving goldendoodles!

Noell, an F1 goldendoodle, enjoying the beach in Corpus Christi

Sweet Noelle had her first trip to the beach last week. Although she spent a good part of the week staying way AWAY from all that salty beach water in Corpus Cristi, the part she DID love was hanging with her two small charges, my grandkids, rolling in the sand, running along the beach and making sure no harm came to her very own “littles”. She will have sweet dreams when she gets back home.

beach loving goldendoodles in Corpus Christi

Adopt an older goldendoodle

While goldendoodle puppies are a great joy, sometimes an older goldendoodle, like Noell, who is already past their puppy stage, is a better fit. Ocassionally we get older goldendoodles returned. It’s rare, but sometimes life changes happen and we do ask that our families contact us if they need to rehome their goldendoodle for any reason. We also ocassionally have goldendoodle and poodle parents of ours who are retiring and would love to have a home of their own.

If you would like to go on our list to adopt an older goldendoodle, contact me at


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