For the Love of Doodles

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We entered the World of Doodles back in 2008 with the arrival of our lovely poodles, Sir Wellington and Lexi and our two Goldens, Sedric and Bella. Little did we know how they would change our lives  We have learned a lot since then and grown a bit but had no idea just how much we would fall in love with Doodles over the years., caring for our little ones.  We have burned the midnight oil many a night. The last few years, my 2 older daughters (Nadia and Maya) have been more  involved  and helping to carry on our Doodle journey with youthful energy and new ideas. Good news! Research is a key and Google is our friend.

If you contact us and are referred to Nadia or Maya, just know they are a trusted part of our family and can help and answer your Doodle questions and needs. They now have been raising their own puppies, on a small scale, for a few years. You should feel confident if you end up taking home one of their precious bundles, as they have had Rainfield’s love poured into them as well. We are continuing to be small breeders, as we believe in working  with our puppies to bring out the best in them during the first few crucial months. Doodle babies add so much to a home and we are so proud of them.

We will be having puppies available near the end of this year and early 2019. We are not yet sure about the dates. If you are interested, please keep checking in.



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