Looking for a Goldendoodle Puppy?

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Great News if You’re Looking for a Goldendoodle Puppy This summer!

If you’ve been looking for a goldendoodle puppy to bring home over the summer, you’re in luck! One of our goldendoodle mamas just had a beautiful litter of standard-sized, cream goldendoodle puppies. These beautiful doodle pups are going to have curly to fluffy coats and look like beautiful little lambs for a while. Mama is a light-parti colored goldendoodle, but as she’s gotten older, she’s a beautiful white/cream color (see picture at the end of this post) . Daddy is a red standard poodle, so some pups have a little color to their light coats. Full grown, these goldendoodle pups should be about 45-55 lbs. One or two of the bigger ones might hit 60 lbs.

Looking for a goldendoodle puppy in Houston?

So, if you’re looking for a goldendoodle puppy, contact us now to get on our waitlist. These babies were born on June 14th, 2024 and will be ready to go to their new home in early August. Our name theme this time around is famous mountains and mountain ranges. We just happened to be meeting some friends out for a rock-climbing adventure when we got word that the puppies were arriving, so when it came to giving the pups names, climbing was on our minds. So, introducing our summer litter of goldendoodle puppies.

Cream goldendoodle puppies available now


Denali would be just fine if his family decided to relocate to Alaska — or least take him along on a cruise so he can catch a glimpse of his famous namesake. Denali (the goldendoodle) is a large, shaggy/fluffy boy

Goldendoodle of North Houston - standard goldendoodle puppies

Rocky –

Named after the Rocky Mountain range is a large curly boy. Unlike the wild, crazy Rockies though, this Rocky is calm, chill and easy-going.

Standard goldendoodle puppies


This sweet little boy gets his name from that famous Fuji mountain in Japan. Fuji Doodle is the smallest in the litter (so far). He has a little more color in his coat and a cute littel white spot on his forehead and chest.

Curly goldendoodle puppies in Houston


Named after the Andes Mountains in South America, this is one of the bigger boys. He’s got a beautiful curly coat and is going to be one good-looking boy.

Get a goldendoodle puppy this summer


This handsome boy gets his name from the Great Smoky Mountains. He might be on the smaller side and have a straighter, shaggy/fluffy coat, but he dreams of getting to visit Dollywood one day and would love to join his family on a hike down the Apalachian Trail.

Beautiful goldendoodle puppy for sale


The one and only girl in this bunch gets her beautiful name from the Sierra Nevadas. She hopes her future family loves camping and outdoorsy adventures.

Male cream goldendoodle pup


For those of you of wondering where this little guy got his name — there really is a Mount Logan. It’s the highest mountain peak in Canada. It’s the second highest in North America — after Mount Denali, of course. Logan is fine being number two though. No sibling rivalry here. After all, goldendoodles are known for their excellent temperment and fun-loving, easy-going personalities, right?

Mama Doodle

Get one of these beautiful goldendoodle pups this summer!

Contact us today by phone or text at 832-971-4649 or by email at laurie@rainfieldgoldendoodles.com to put down to reserve your goldendoodle puppy today! You can also reach out to us through our Facebook page while browsing stories and pictures of our larger Rainfield Goldendoodle family.


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