That Goldendoodle Beard

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Do I groom for practicality or personality?

As I stand here at my grooming table today trimming up my sweet goldendoodle girl, I’m torn about that goldendoodle beard of hers!

When grooming a goldendoodle, do you dare trim that goldendoodle beard?

While my sweet goldendoodle girl here LOVES a good brushing out, she has a thing or two to say about the beard trim and seems especially attached to her hairy identity. Now if she was content to drink nicely from her water bowl, I wouldn’t think of touching the beard, however, she is not content to just take a simple drink of water, she has to stick her entire face in and swish around that lovely beard in her large water bowl. While part of her doodle charm, that goldendoodle beard gets knotted and matted when wet AND leaves water everywhere when she is done drinking. What to do???

Now on to the next step of my morning doodle trim and grooming — the spiky top knot. Do I dare touch that? Is she just as attached that part of her goldendoodle identity? Besides, I think it’s kind of charming. I think I will stop there and leave my sweet doodle girl showing a little bit of sweet and sassy goldendoodle personality.

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