Hats Off to Our Wonderful Goldendoodle Service Dogs

While we are so proud of all of our sweet goldendoodle puppies, our doodles that go on to get more specialized training and become Goldendoodle service dogs have a special place in our hearts. We love hearing about our pooches who go on to become therapy dogs, school dogs, companion dogs for special needs children and adolescents, medical alert dogs and more advanced service dogs. These wonderful dogs, together with their new families, go above and beyond spending hours, days, weeks and months in special training and courses to become service dogs. Hats off to families who work so hard to unleash every last bit of potential these wonderful dogs have.

Service Dog Spotlight 2022

These are just a few of the latest Rainfield Goldendoodle Service Dogs. We know there are many more. Goldendoodle make such wonderful companions, but one of their best qualities is their empathy and ability to sense when their mommies, daddies, brother and sisters need a friend or have a special need. Keep up the good work! If you are thinking about training your doodle for special jobs, we encourage you to go for it. Goldendoodle are so smart and they do love learning and reaching their full potential.

Rudder is a Rainfield pup in Service Dog training. He’s coming right along. They really do learn fast and love having a job. Doodles have such big hearts
Doodles are just wonderful family members and so good with kids. Robert, a Veteran, recently was gifted one of our Doodles for his new service dog. She looks like she’s coming right along. Thanks Maya for sharing such a beautiful puppy.
Service Dog in Training – Thank you, Home Depot, for your dog friendly policies
Freddy just earned his Canine Good Citizen Certificate at the Petsmart Training Center. He’s got everything he needs to start therapy dog training.
The little blue ribbon represents a lot of hard work by both Mama and Freddie. Thank you, Helen and Freddie, for going above and beyond to give a little of that doodle love to those in need.

Are You Planning to Train Your Goldendoodle as a Service Dog?

If you are planning to enroll your goldendoodle puppy in specialized training to become a service dog, therapy dog, companion animal for special needs individuals, a medical alert dog, PTSD dog, etc., let us know when it comes time to pick out your puppy. We can keep that in mind when we evaluate their temperments and let you know which pups may have the best temperment for that type of work.

Keep up the good work!