Red Gold or Black Goldendoodle Puppies in Houston

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Looking for Red Gold or Black Goldendoodle Puppies in the Houston area?

Our winter litter is here and we now have a fun mix of red gold and black goldendoodle puppies and even a few parti-doodles available now in the Houston area. These puppies are medium standard sized goldendoodles. We estimate they will range in weight from 40-60 pounds with males being larger and females on the smaller end. .

Parti-goldendoodle puppies Houston, Tx
Parti Goldendoodle Puppies

Curly or Shaggy wavy coats?

Some of the puppies have a curlier coat, which means little to no shedding. Several have more shaggy, wavy coats which means low shed. Goldendoodles in general are lower shed. You will get the outlier from time to time that does shed, but from the feedback we’ve gotten from the puppies from these parents, the puppies have not been shedders. If you have someone who suffers from pet allergies, the curlier coated goldendoodles are generally the safest.

Gold and red goldendoodle puppies in Houston, Tx
Gold, Red and Apricot goldendoodle puppies

When Are These Goldendoodle Puppies Available for Pick Up?

These goldendoodle puppies for sale in Houston are ready to pick up starting January 15th. If you’re interested in buying one of these beautiful red, gold or black goldendoodle puppies, text or call us today at 281-235-3272 or contact us at to pick out a puppy that’s right for you and your family. You can also contact us through our rainfieldgoldendoodles Facebook page by clicking here.

Black Goldendoodle Puppies in Houston, Tx
Black Goldendoodle Puppies

How Much Does a Goldendoodle Puppy Cost?

We charge $1850 for one of our red, gold or black goldendoodle puppies. If there is a particular puppy you want to reserve, you put down a $250 deposit and we’ll save the puppy for you. That deposit will get applied to the total price for the puppy. Click here for information on how to buy a goldendoodle puppy

Where are You Located?

We are located in the North Houston, Texas area.

Red gold or black goldendoodle Puppies
Curly F1b Goldendoodle Puppies

What Do These Puppies Come With?

Red gold goldendoodle puppy
Red gold goldendoodle puppy

Our goldendoodle puppies for sale in the Houston area come with a 1 year health guarantee, their first shots, health records and a goodie bag with a litter toy and blanket to ease your puppy’s transition to their new homes. Our red, gold and black goldendoodles from this litter are doing really well with their potty training. We will give you tips to continue on with what we’ve started them to make potty training easier. We are on call if you have questions or need advice on your new puppy. We also have started crate training the puppies. We do recommend continuing on with crate training as it makes potty training easier, but also it keeps the puppy out of trouble unless they’re being supervised.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today at or via text or phone at 281-235-3272. We are happy to answer any questions you might have.


  1. Jeff greiner

    Do you have any F1B doodle puppies for sale? My wife has pretty bad allergies and are looking for dogs that are safe for her to be around

  2. Lanet

    Do you have any older pups returned or needing a new home? We are seniors looking for an older baby. Thanks!

    • rainfield

      We have one that we are getting ready to rehome. I will email you with more information.

  3. Carla Conover

    Will you have puppies available after Thanksgiving? Interested in parti colored we live in Cypress and would love to visit your facility if that is possible.


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