Goldendoodle Puppies Available in Houston

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Cute Goldendoodle puppies
F1 Red Goldendoodle Puppies (left) and F1bb Apricot and Red goldendoodle puppies (right).

Goldendoodle Puppies Available In Houston, Texas

Are you looking for one of these cuties to join your family? Goldendoodles have been such wonderful dogs and family pets for us and families that we’ve come to know through our years of breeding and we think everyone needs a goldendoodle in their family. So if you don’t have one yet or your have one and are ready for another one, we’ve got some beautiful goldendoodle puppies available in Houston right now. Puppies have had their first shots and are ready to go their their new homes. We’ve got red and apricot colored goldendoodles puppies with a mix of curly and shaggy wavy coats. If you are interested in one of these puppies, text or call us today at 281-235-3272 or email at and we will send you more pictures and information about individual pups that are still available. More information and pricing below or by clicking here..

What Size Will These Goldendoodle Pups Be?

Our curlier coated puppies will be medium standards and we estimate their weight to be about 40-60 pounds with some of the males being larger. We have one red shaggy coated male goldendoodle pup still available. He will likely range in weight from 65-75 pounds.

What Goldendoodle Mix Are These Puppies?

Goldendoodle come in all sorts of mixes nowadays. It can get a little confusing sometimes and hard to figure out what you’re getting. We’ll try to break it down a little for you here, but if you have questions, just text or call us. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have. Right now we have goldendoodle puppies from two different litters. Read on for more specifics.

Our F1bb Goldendoodle Pups

These three puppies in the photo below are lighter apricot or red F1bb goldendoodle puppies, which means they have an F1b goldendoodle parent bred back to a poodle,. These puppies are going to have curly coats as they have a higher percentage of poodle in their genetic makeup. The f1bb goldendoodle puppies are the best choice if you or anyone in your family suffers from allergies as they tend to be more hypo-allergenic. If the allergies are severe, please let us know as we prefer to have you come over and see how you do before you make the final decision to get one of the F1bb goldendoodle puppies available in Houston. These puppies are apricot or red and are expected to medium sized goldendoodles.

Our F1 Goldendoodle Pups

F1 goldendoodle puppies have a golden retriever mom and a poodle dad, so they are the original 50/50 mix. This male puppy is dark apricot or red and is a standard sized goldendoodle puppy. Shaggy goldendoodles have a coat that’s a little easier to maintain and keep longer, especially if you keep their beautiful locks brushed or combed out as they tend to mat less. Sometimes F1s can tend to shed a little more, but based on feedback from families with pups from this set of parents, they have not had issues with shedding.

Red Goldendoodle puppy in Texas
RESERVED: Red Male F1 Goldendoodle Puppy

How Do I Get One of These Goldendoodle Puppies Available in Houston?

To find out more about these fun-loving goldendoodle puppies avaialble in Houston right now, text or call us at 281-235-3272 or email at to get more information. You can also visit us at our Rainfield Goldendoodles Facebook page. We are available to message or chat with you there and you can check out pictures of our grown doodles and their families.

What Is the Price for a Goldendoodle Puppy?

If there is a specific puppy you are interested in, we recommend you put down a $250 deposit through Zelle or Paypal to reserve that puppy. The deposit gets applied to the total price. The total price for one of these standard goldendoodle puppy is $1850. We do offer discounts to families who are getting their second goldendoodle from us, or to families who are getting more than one at the same time. While we don’t recommend that families get two at once that will be kept in the same household unless they are knowledgeable and ready to take on the extra work of training and bonding with two dogs at once, we do have families where parents are getting a doodle and their adult children want one from the same litter. If that’s the case, let us know and we can give you a double doodle discount.

What Can I Expect When I Get One These Beautiful Doodle Babies?

Personality and Socialization

All of our goldendoodle puppies are home-raised, which means we get to spend lots of time loving on your puppy before they go to their new homes. Your puppy has been around children, other pets, and have had a variety of age and health appropriate socialization activities. They love cuddles, belly rubs and loud movies. They’ve been through a few big, loud storms, New Year’s fireworks, and all sort of everyday noises, sounds and activities that go on around our busy household.

Health Guarantee and Shots

All of our puppies come with a one year health guarantee against genetic or congenital problems. All of our puppies have been healthy and have gotten a clean bill of health from the vet. Our parent-dogs are health tested. Puppies come with their first shots and a health record that you can take to your vet and pick up where we leave off. They do need a series of 3 shots (3 weeks apart) before they are fully protected from parvo and all that fun stuff, so we do ask that you limit their exposure in areas where sick dogs may have been until they are fully vaccinated at about 14-16 weeks old. Please also don’t have other people come over with puppies who are not yet fully vaccinated. Older pets and dogs who have all their shots are fine though, just keep a close eye to make sure that puppy exuberance doesn’t annoy the older dogs.

Are the Puppies Potty Trained?

Your new puppy is actually doing pretty good on their potty training,. They are puppies, so they will have accident,s, but, if you follow our instructions, you can keep up what we have started and your pups should do well. We have a pre-pick up letter that explains the puppy’s schedule and what we have been doing with them as far as crate training and potty training so you can keep it up.

Are You Ready?

So if you are ready to take the plunge and add one of these beautiful goldendoodle puppies to your family, get in touch and we’ll help get you set up with your new best friend..

Goldendoodle Puppy for sale Houston



    Looking for female, preferably red and female at full growth under 35 pounds.

    • rainfield

      We are expecting a smaller, redder litter that should bee ready to go in early August. If interested, contact us at 281-235-3272


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