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Male Goldendoodle Puppies Available Now in Houston, Texas

UPDATE — May 26th: Little Valentino found his furever home yesterday. If you are looking for a goldendoodle puppy in the Houston area, we will have an upcoming litter of summer goldendoodle puppies, ready to go home in August. These will be mini goldendoodle puppies ranging from 25-40 lbs. If you’re interested in getting on our list for one of these darling doodle pups, contact us today at or by text or phone at 832-971-4649.

UPDATE — May 24th: We have one little furball goldendoodle puppy available. Little Valentino is 11 weeks old and ready to go to his new home. Contact us if you’re looking to add this extra charming goldendoodle boy to your family. He is very well-behaved… in a puppy sort of way. 🙂 He’s basically potty trained, crate trained and is a very fast learner. Get him today before he’s gone!

Spring is in the air — literally! This spring, besides bringing us loads of pollen, has also blown in a beautiful litter of goldendoodle puppies available now to go to their new homes. We have two handsome goldendoodle boys and one girl who are going to be ready to go to their new homes. These pups are going on 10 weeks old and are crate trained, doing well on their potty training, are sleeping through the night and are doing amazing on their early training. Pricing and other details are listed below, so keep reading. To reserve one of these pups, contact Laurie at 281-235-3272 or visit our 10 Steps to Buying a Goldendoodle Puppy.

Cream and Apricot Goldendoodle Puppies Available Now in Houston
Our three little musketeers, although sometimes you might mistake these goldendoodle boys for the Three Stooges.

What Mix Are These Goldendoodle Puppies?

These doodle pups are going to be light apricot or cream. They are F1 goldendoodle puppies, so they will have more of that traditional shaggy wavy coat with that great mix of golden retriever and poodle personality. The pups from this litter are standard size goldendoodle puppies and are expected to grow to about 65-80 pounds.

Children and Goldendoodle Puppies

What Is the Price for a Standard Goldendoodle Puppy?

Our standard goldendoodle puppies are $1950. It’s a $250 deposit if there is one in particular that you want o reserve. The deposit then gets applied to the balance due at the time at pickup. Of course, now that the puppies are ready to go, you can come out and meet your new puppy and pay at the pickup if you prefer.

Apricot Goldendoodle Puppy in Houston - Available Now

How Do I Get One of these Beautiful Doodle Puppies?

These goldendoodle puppies available now are ready to go to their new homes. If you would like to take a puppy home to enjoy and bond with over your summer vacation, contact Laurie at 281-235-3272. You can also email at We also have a Rainfield Goldendoodles fan page on Facebook and Instagram. To see our recommendations and reviews or get an idea of what our past goldendoodle puppies are like, please visit us at one of our fan pages.

Doodle pups love their pet cots

Why Get a Puppy From Rainfield Goldendoodles?

Here at Rainfield we like to spend that little extra time with our goldendoodle puppies to get them off to the best start possible. Your new puppy has had their worm and parasite treatment. They have had their first (of 3) puppy shots and have been for their first vet check up to ensure that the puppies are in general good health before they go to their new homes. We also give you a 1 year health guarantee for congenital issues.

Your new puppy is already on a schedule, which you can continue or switch up to make it work for you. We have started crate training your puppy. Your puppy will generally be sleeping through the night by the time they go to their new home. You may have a rough night or two as they settle in, but they generally adjust fairly quickly. Part of the crate training process is potty training, so your new doodle pup has already gotten started on their potty training. Again, we will give you some tips and instructions on how you can keep it up. If you follow through, most families have a fairly easy time potty training their new puppy.

Socialization time for our Goldendoodle Puppies

Early Socialization of Your Puppy

Socializing a new puppy involves introducing puppies to a variety of sounds, sensations, new experiences and circumstances while it’s easier on them. Puppies are naturally more curious and fearless. The more you expose your puppy to at a young age, the more well-rounded and confident they will be in a variety of situations. For instance, your puppy has already been introduced to young toddlers and children, to water, to loud noises. If there are firework shows going on, we’re taking a walk with them so they can get used to it. Once you take your puppy home, you will need to continue to do this as much as possible. Of course, until they have their third and final puppy shot, you will need to keep them close to home and avoid areas where dogs with parvo and other illnesses could have been, but once that’s done, have fun!

Learning to love water play - doodle pups in Houston, TX

Who’s Coming Next?

If you’re not quite ready for a puppy right now, our next litters are going to be summer puppies. Check back in to see who’s coming next. We are taking deposits on upcoming litters now, so if you’d like an early pick, get on the list early.

Goldendoodle Puppy for sale in Houston


  1. Brandi Perry

    Do you have any puppies ready for a home?

    • rainfield

      Very soon. We have a litter coming any day, ready to go in August. If you’d like to find out more and get some pictures, email us at


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