Crate Trained Goldendoodle Puppies

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Are you Looking for Crate Trained Goldendoodle Puppies?

We often get asked if we have crate trained goldendoodles puppies and what new doodle owners can expect. The short answer is, yes, crate and potty training is going well and your new doodle already has some other training as well! As small breeders who home raise our goldendoodle puppies, we are always finding new ways to give our/your new goldendoodle puppy the best possible start by crate training, potty training, teaching basic manners and more. Getting a new puppy is a big step, but there are a few things that we feel make it easier to introdue a new puppy into your home. We’ll go over a few of those steps here.

Apricot goldendoodle puppy in Houston
This little boy has learned the place command using a dog cot

Puppies have started potty training, but need reinforcement and constant oversight

Your new goldendoodle puppy is making good progress towards potty training, however, it’s important that you reinforce it by continuing to crate train your pup and following a good schedule. Puppies under a year old should kept in a crate or a playyard when unsupervised to prevent potty accidents, but also to keep them safe and keep your home undamaged. A puppy under a year old is not reliable, no matter how sweet, well-behaved and potty trained they are. Puppies under a year of age may look full grown, but they tend to get those funny ideas to chew your favorite shoes, baseboards, chair legs and so on when bored and left to their own devices.

A goldendoodle puppy in her playyard
Playyards are a great way to give your puppy more room to play while keeping them contained. Food, water and a potty area are provided.

Your goldendoodle puppy sleeps through the night in a dog crate.

By the time our puppies go to their new homes at between 8 and 12 weeks of age, your new goldendoodle puppy is generally sleeping through the night in a dog crate. Dogs naturally try to keep their sleeping areas clean, so that night time crate training goldendoodle puppies is an important first step to potty training. If the pups are just 8 weeks old, they have been sleeping with their litter mates, so they may have an adjustment period the first night or two. It’s important to not take them out during the night and to let them learn to settle or else they will quickly learn that whining and barking in the middle of the night is much more fun than settling down to sleep.

Potty trained goldendoodle puppy - Houston
Little Rudy just woke up from a nap and is ready to go out to potty

Puppies are eating dry kibble

We start our puppies on dry dog kibble at around 6 weeks old, so by 8 weeks of age, they are generally eating their dry food pretty well. We do suggest that you talk to your vet and determine which dog food they recommend. It should be a high quality dog food that is specifically made for puppies. Once you choose your new dog food, you can start trasitioning your puppy to the new food.

Your doodle pup has their first shots and parasite treatment

Your new puppy has their first of three puppy vaccines. Puppies need a series of three to be fully vaccinated against parvo and other canine illnesses, so you will need to keep them at home or away from places where sick or unvaccinated dogs may have been, such as parks, sidewalks, grassy dog areas, etc. If you take them shopping at pet-friendly stores, keep them in the shopping cart until they’re fully vaccinated.

Goldendoodle puppy at the vet
Doodle puppies all seem to love their first vet visits — or they love all the attention they get from vet and staff

We Have Started Teaching Some Basic Commends and Early Training

12 week old Doodle pup with his boy
Kenny was the smartest little guy. He caught on to everything so quickly.

Your young goldendoodle is smart and learns very quickly. The earlier they are introduced to training concepts, the quicker they catch on to what you are trying to teach them. So before your puppy leaves our home we like to teach them to “Watch Me,” (pay attention), mand (to sit using a hand motion) and to sit before being petted. Any puppies that we have that are older than 8 weeks may also have started learning “Place” on a dog cot, “Settle” and “Go Potty” to teach them to do their business quickly when put outside.

When you pick up your new goldendoodle puppy, we will spend a little time to show you what your puppy is learning and how to keep it up. We will also give you a copy of our schedule that we have the puppies on. You are free to adjust it to your own, but it’s important that when potty and crate training goldendoodle puppies that you do have a good schedule in place.

Goldendoodle puppies in Houston, Tx
8 week old doodle puppies know that “Settle” and ‘Place” means treats.

We hope that gives you a little more confidence in adding a new puppy to your home. We know it’s a big decision, but we feel it is so worth it. Goldendoodles are such wonderful dogs, inside and out. Our goldendoodles have added so much to our family, we want to share the love.

Goldendoodle Puppies Available Now?

Goldendoodle pup with her new mom - Houston
Little Honey with her new mama

If you would like to add one of these beautiful goldendoodle puppies to your home, call or text Laurie at 281-235-3272, or email At the moment, we have a beautiful, smart and very sweet litter of cream and apricot F1 Goldendoodle puppies. To find out more specifics about our current pups, click here. We also are expecting another litter later this summer. To see more examples of our grown doodles and puppies with their families, you can visit our Rainfield Goldendoodles Facebook or Instagram.

Goldendoodle Puppies for sale in Houston
F1 Cream and Apricot Goldendoodle Puppies Available Now


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